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24 years of Sleep Paralysis experiences...

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:52 AM
I'm not usually one to post things like this, but last night I experienced an episode of sleep paralysis for the first time in over a year. It wasn't as harrowing as some of the others I have had in my earlier years of childhood, but it did inspire me to write this post. I hope some experienced SP victims/experiencers can offer their input!

My first episode occurred when I was very young. If memory serves me correct I'd say around 10 or eleven years old.
I remember waking up in the middle of the night and I couldn't move. This was accompanied by a very intense electrical surging inside my skull. VROOOOM......vroooOOOOM....vroooOOOOM. That is the best way I can put it into words!

I suddenly noticed two very tall lanky figures glide/float into my room from the doorway and approach my bedside. My memory of this now is so old that it seems faded and dreamlike, however I know that "I" was awake, it was just my body that seemed to still be in deep sleep.

One of the tall lanky figures put it's "hands" on my right hand side of my body, which seemed to instantly snap my vision from being awake with my eyes open to a 2d dream of parading elephants, very much indian inspired in nature.

The weirdest thing about this was even though my vision had been snapped instantly into this "dream" of parading elephants in 2d, I remember thinking I'm not dreaming this, I'm being shown this. By 2d I mean the dream was flat, as though I was looking at a flat board with moving images of Indian inspired elephants moving from right to left.

This lasted maybe 20 seconds in total, and then my normal vision instantly returned as I could half see the figures gliding out of my room. I then managed to croak out the word "Mum?", and as I did so they stopped in their tracks, waited without turning around, then continued on their path out the doorway where they faded into nothing.

That was my first experience. Another experience I had was one night while sleeping on the fold out bed in the lounge room after watching some late night TV, I seemed to awake in a half dream half awake state. I remember thinking that somehow my pet dog had gotten off his chain and was wandering around outside.
I then thought... "The dog is about to open the flywire screen door with his nose, and come inside". Sure enough I heard loud and clear as day the front screen door slide open, although extremely violently. This scared the absolute hell out of me, and it was at this point the half-sleep state vanished and my mind was fully awake while my body stayed paralyzed and asleep.

"What the F*#$K!?!? Did I really just hear the screen door rip open or did I dream it??" Those were my panicking thoughts right there in the paralysis.

I tried my hardest to keep my left eye on the lounge room doorway to see if the dog was about to enter the room, when suddenly to my absolute horror a bizarre humanoid figure with it's entire top half bent down with it's head touching it's feet came bursting into the room, ran right up to the side of the bed and inserted a long tentacle like appendage into the base of my spine and up my spinal cord into my neck (All hallucinatory of course).

This caused my body to go into a fit of convulsions for about 3 seconds before I totally snapped out of it and entered real time. Totally awake, totally paralysis and hallucination free, but still sweating and shaking from what I just went through. I got up and checked the front screen door. It was closed.

The last most harrowing and downright creepy sleep paralysis experience I'm going to write about here tonight was one that occurred when I was around 18 years old.

I was reading a book in my brothers room while he was out for the night and laying on my back on his bed. (Something he would have hated haha). I fell asleep with the light on and the book was resting open on my chest. I started to awaken and had the electrical vroom happening in my skull again, totally paralyzed and ridden with a terrible feeling of dread.

I immediately noticed someone standing off to my left halfway between the bed and the bedroom doorway, and this presence is where the feeling of utmost dread was originating. I heard this thing start to speak in a tongue that I can only describe as serpent like. I don't know why I thought that but that's what it seemed like to me.

If a 6 foot tall intelligent humanoid serpent could talk in an intelligible but unknown language... that is what it was like hahaha. Ridiculous I know.

Anyway this sent me into a total fit of terror, unlike anything I have ever felt in my lifetime, and hope to God almighty will never feel again. It was like a suffocating mind shattering fear.

This is where things took a turn for the downright creepy.

I suddenly "broke free" of the paralysis and the presence vanished completely, along with most of the fear. My body was left with the after effects of adrenalin and the shakes however. Just then my mum came into the room and said "Are you ok? I heard you gasping".

I told her I was ok but I just had a weird paralysis episode (I had told my parents of this years before). She just laughed a little and said not to worry it's over now. I was hugely relieved to have my mum there saying that to me.

Just then, as relief washed over me, I was suddenly ripped out of that "dream", (and yes it wasn't real), back into real reality, where I was still actually in sleep paralysis mode, laying on my brothers bed with the presence between me and the doorway. It became suddenly clear to me that this presence installed the horrific fear in me that I felt just before, and installed a false but extremely vivid and life-like dream in me that I had snapped out of the paralysis and was comforted by my mother.

This "thing" then laughed at me and said one word. "Unlikely".

I then pulled myself out of the paralysis state I was in for real this time, and the presence vanished. I was completely beside myself with astonishment at the mind bending head f*#k I had just endured. I got up and went into the lounge room where my parents sat watching a TV show.

So that is basically that! A small handful of some of the experiences I have had in my life with this sometimes horrific and other times not so horrific phenomenon. I have a skeptical mind, and have always thought of these as hallucinations, it's just the last experience that does my head in to this day recalling what happened.

The mind can be a powerful thing. I hope you got a kick out of and enjoyed my thread, hopefully enough people read this and offer thoughts and some of their own stories!



posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:55 AM
You got felt up by dudes in your sleep!

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 08:30 AM
Man, these things can be downright scary... Mine usually start the same way, that impending dread.. I used to be completely terrorised by them but over the years I've start to just go with them, knowing they're not real, sometimes playing with the fear... I'm always without any control over them however, but I recognise them.

The worst ones are where I'm being 'attacked' by normal everyday animals... cats, dogs, cockroaches, whatever... it's not the creature, it's the intent in them, for some reason they just want to attack me with complete ferocity. As I can never move myself out of their way, I've started to just let them do it... and it does seem to hurt, but there is never anything life threatening, they just grab on and bight.

A few years ago is when these paralysis events started occurring mid dream too, like I'd start to have a lucid dream, but that feeling of doom would envelop me, and it would be debilitating in the dream...

The worst one I still recall was where I found myself in a forrest, in a clearing with sparse trees and shrubs at what appeared to be a twilight setting. I knew something bad was coming... in the distance I saw a utility driving slowly with it's lights on, heading towards me, and in front of it were two german shepherds. They were looking for something and it became ME as it developed. I couldn't run, so I stood behind a shrub, but I knew my mind was not going to let them pass... the dogs came closer and almost seemed to ignore me, till suddenly that intent I sense in the things that torment me evolved and suddenly the dogs had no snouts, as if someone had blown their faces off with a shotgun, but it didn't stop them. they came at me, and gurgling, unable to bark, started bighting at my hands and arms, and even though they were mutilated, they just wanted to attack.

I can still feel the sensation of my fingers in their throats as they gnawed relentlessly at me, and suffice to say, it was bloody hell..

lol, I knew it was not real, and let it happen.. but sometimes when these things happen, and I come out of it into reality, I often jolt awake kicking the walls or throwing my arms into the bedside.

the first time I ever started having sleep paralysis was when I was about 13 or so.. pretty much like your last one, I was on the lounge in the living room and I'd been up all night so I was exhausted... I started hearing people around me, but I couldnt understand them. I just knew in my mind someone was in the room with me, but I couldn't open my eyes.

Sometimes it feels as if there really are entities there, playing a trick.. as if Im the butt of some cosmic joke..

I've never actually seen entities however, just felt them as if they are trying to suffocate me - except when they started to become more dreamlike - I've had some really good lucid dreams, had one last night actually and while I still cannot fly properly, it's fun to be a sort of god in your own little strange reality... I always do crazy things knowing it's all a dream.

But yeah, the mind truly is an amazing device we have... it's just a shame that mine seems intent on torturing me lol, but I'll have the last laugh.. when I stop fighting it and let it try it's best..

Still, the bad ones can really affect you hours after waking up. It's the feeling of it being so real, the way you're conscious enough to know it's a dream, yet paralyzed throughout it.


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