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Japanese American 'Internment' During WW2

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:31 AM

During World War II, the United States government relocated more than 110,000 Japanese Americans (both citizens and resident aliens) and held them in Assembly Centers and Relocation Centers, often called internment camps. The centers were run by the federal War Relocation Authority. Professional photographers, including Dorothea Lange, were commissioned by the WRA to document the daily life and treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II.


I was watching a brilliant documentary series by Channel 4 (in UK) called 'Apocolypse: The Second World War' today and for the first time I learnt how in 1942, the US government forced 100,000 or so Japanese citizens out of their homes and into 'Internment Camps', ostensibly because of paranoia.

(The documentary is online at '' if you can watch it)

I'm surprised by this and surprised that it's not taught to us in school history lessons. But then, as I learn more about WW2 I realise just how distorted my comprehensive education version was. The aim of course being to indoctrinate us into an unconditional loyalty for TPTB.

A question. Could it be possible that the US repeat the mistake of WW2 and lose control of it's paranoia regarding Islam? Maybe here in the UK it could happen?
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:39 AM
We learned quite a bit about it when I was in school. My senior year I took a class only on WW2, and we had a pretty lengthy discussion(several classes) about it. I guess its good they don't ignore it over here.
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