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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 06:33 PM
just impossible
to say what is happening
to the front edge of this galaxy,
Batman. We know it is not computer virus.

I have
a suggestion
to make, Robin. Turn
it around 180 degrees and you
will see the giant bite disappear, it
will now look more like a galaxy which has
had several heavies roll across its
surface leaving tire tracks.

Batman, I'll turn it
around now. There, all turned.
The only problem now, is to figure out
how the rolling ball bearings cut out curves,
particularly ones that curve AWAY from
the nucleus. Is that ozone,
I smell, or anti-matter.

The tiny satellite
behind the bigger above
the plane is in perfect position
to have just completed the roll across
the top carving out the big
curve. Perrrrfect.

road rodents,
Batman, do you suppose those
gigantic curves are Golden Harmonics?

my son,
or rather,
Batboy, I think
what is happening to
create the jigsaw puzzle
upper platten is that those
globular clusters rolling around
are in planar ecliptic orbits. Rather
than orbiting around like electrons around a
wire, these are orbiting around like grease on a
hot skittle. The curves are both aphelions and
perihelions of eccentricity in orbits. And
at least one of the grease balls
may be anti-matter.

orbiting more
like planets around a
Sun all in the same ecliptic plane,
why, just like OUR planets!

I would
say so, Batwoman.
It may help explain why
this galaxy has such an incredible
high rate of new star births, particularly
around the core, which you cannot see
in any of these views. In a few
secs I'll pop up an image
of the core, you'll
recognize it in
an instant.


You know who I miss the most? Lysergic.

"Give me lotto #s"

Ahhhahahhaa tha was so funny.

Let's chit chat about refractals !
Do you know how many fractals make an equal sided box? Or circle? An unknown amount.

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