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U.S.A government in deflection from detection

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 02:50 PM
They keep your mind at bay in those airports and aboard airlines. They keep certain items on a list as what can't be brought aboard. But lo, have you heard of ropes that strangle? If a group of so-called terrorists want to just use business ties or cowboy ties or belts or shoe strings to strangle folks, with no attempt for taking over the plane, but just to do an act of terror by killing some passengers in DROVES on a DAY set as THE RESURRECTION OF THE KING OF TERROR from the SKY, then all those measures at airports and on airline flights were all for nothing on purpose.

But lo, the U.S.A government is keeping the public from this insight, because they are who will be behind such terrorists. Your gov is a terrorist organization. They have goals to reach, and they can gain them through being behind terrorist acts. Ask yourself whom has more to gain by an act of terror? All fingers point to your government.

If the gov sees no threat in those things which can strangle, then it only means they are up to something MIGHTY for their next staging in real event. Remember who foretold you. Your gov is just ill-will toward all citizens. Go look into packaging and bottling and distribution where further ill-will by your gov goes through till your tummy hurts if they've been monitoring what you usually get so they can get their ill-laced goods on the shelves where you reach. A vile government is of a wicked spirit that will pitch morals while doing sinister and cowardly things to citizens that are targets with no real legitamate reason being so.

How many think the intelligence of the U.S. SKIPPED being intelligent on objects that can strangle after the changes after 9-11? You like your gov still though you see where the terrorist actually are? Surely if the gov thought your life were important they will have prevented a strangling factor, since everyone knows terrorists just want to kill many aboard rather than take over a plane to fly it into buildings again.

Loose ends, I tie. And when I tie, things point out what don't add up under the disguises of safety. Promise makers of peace and safety be the main liars that are behind ill things against humankind.

Them fools even hint the watch they'll strike in next. Subliminal messages you get is it will have to do with shoe strings. Right in your face.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 03:01 PM
We'll all just have to fly naked and chained. Since naked people can't be trusted to control themselves, we'll also have to wear chastity devices to ensure no one sexually assaults/gets assaulted. Oh- blindfolds too as boobies are shameful! TSA should love that!

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 03:04 PM
O, and then comes new measures where you have to wear a certain type of shoe that has no shoe-strings. But only after when it's too late for the lives lost by an ill-willing gov behind an act of terror. Only catch 22 is the kind of shoe will be more easier for the gov to target for fixing some kind of chipping from at where they manufactor them. Gov got a BIG hand in manufacturing and in packaging and in bottling and in distribution when they will exercize their might in ill authority over people because they can do that as if it's a matter of national security.

See the subliminals? Note how on net many are called loons? Note how actual loons get their shoe-strings TAKEN away in a ward? That's the clue in what wise the gov will strike next. Do not the foolish HINT how they will do next?

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 09:03 PM
It's a worry, yes.

You've heard of the Underwear Bomber!
Next we get the Underwear Strangler!!!

I've noticed this growing urge on aeroplanes to eliminate my fellow travellers. Not generally having rope on me I can't help but remove my bra and tiny g-string in readiness. So next time you're sitting beside a pretty chick on a plane, and she starts putting her little lacies around your neck, don't bother hollering for the hostie, she'll be wearing underwear too.

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