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If you don't think the game is fixed . . .

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:03 AM
Over the past three or so years, many of us have lived financially week-to-week what with the job losses, waged cuts, tax increases and the like. Our pensions have lost value. Most of our savings are gone.

Despite the mainstream media portrayal of our economy as being 'turned around', hundreds of thousands are on the brink in terms of maintaining home ownership. Foreclosures are rampant.

Jobs that disappeared arent' coming back and the goverenment continues to explore avenues through which we can further globalize the economy which, in reality, means more jobs heading overseas.

While we languish in fiscal hell, how are the folks who make the laws, spend the taxes and generally look out for our collective good doing?

I'm starting to gag a bit . . . .

. . . I just hurled . . .

Here's the part that gets me right steamed . . .

The study also indicates that a significant number of members owned shares of major players in the health-care and financial-services sectors, which were the subject of major reform legislation during the period.

Looking out for our best interests?

Only if that 'interest' is on the money they've invested!!!!

Kinda sheds some light in to where excuses such as Too big to fail come from, doesn't it. More like We gotta bail them out because if they go belly up, we'll have to live like the people we're supposed to represent . . . and that'd just suck.


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