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It's time for personal respect.

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:49 PM
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening fellow people!

Now - Let's talk about YOU.

Who is "YOU"? - who are YOU? - Well, "you" are two things. - You are your mind - and you are your body. As complex as this mind blowing revelation is, too many people don't realise this. Before we get the atheists and believers starting to hijack this - I'm not making a religious or spiritual point here. I think we can agree that we have two separate points here - We have our thoughts and we have are physical attributes.

So - I realised one day, that we all abuse ourselves on a daily basis. I'll start by describing how people abuse their physical selves and how they can enable themselves to change - from some simple thought processes.

Mr Smith walks into a car showroom - he buys are brand spanking new car. - This car is great. It's fast, looks beautiful and everything works perfectly. He has this car for a long time. So long in fact that he starts to take it for granted. He rakes it about, driving at high speeds - doesn't slow down for speed bumps - reverses into lamposts - doesn't maintain it - the backseats get covered in all sorts of sh*t - lights get broken.. and eventually the car starts running as badly as it looks. He says enough is enough and buys a new car.

This is exactly how we all treat our bodies. Why? We abuse alcohol, tobacco, junk food, drugs, and to some extent we push our bodies to the limit for no good given reason. Now, why do we do that - why do we not realise that our bodies are our one and only possession we truly have. - When we screw our bodies up so bad we can't just go to the shop and buy a new one like our friend Mr Smith.

Everyone needs to start treating our bodies like our most valued treasured possession we have. Because essentially - it IS the most valued possession we have. Through the media, such as junk food ads, beer advertisements, peer pressure and other factors we have lost our way. We don't think about our prized possession anymore. We willingly abuse ourselves everyday. We got dumbed down.

If some stranger started abusing your body you wouldn't take it. You wouldn't stand for it at all - you would beat them down most likely - so why do we let ourselves do it? Why do we no longer respect our mind and our bodies?

Everyone needs to start respecting themselves truly. Think about how amazing your body is. It doesn't complain to you when you drink a beer or smoke a cigarette. It never criticises. It just suffers silently. It tries to facilitate you and please you. It lets you do what ever you want. For a while. The sad point is, it's unforgiving. One day, it'll pack up - and there's no going to the shop for a new heart - unless you're lucky.

Please everyone. Just think about your body for once. Love it. It's the only body you got.


Thanks for reading.



posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by anonymousanonymous

Hear hear, take care of our temple, our vehicle, our sensory perceptive instrumentation!
I quit smoking cigs(again) and one thing that has helped is hanging a few signs throughout my place that says,"honor your body," as a reminder of where it all starts.
Physical health contributes to mental and spiritual health too.
Next I am going to try going glueten free.
Thanks for the inspiration anaonymousanonymous!


posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

I found it helpful to think of my body as a possession that I should take care of and not abuse, when I gave up smoking!

Keep up the good work!!!

PS - I've now replaced coffee with green tea - it's all about trying to improve yourself, improving the way you look after your prized possession.

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