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Space–time cloak could hide events

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by tipmeister

If you would like a response from Alferde on this matter, I suggest going to Alferde's reply and clicking the reply button.
State your request, and whalla!

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 08:39 PM
It takes four coordinates for matter to exist in our perception of reality. These are (x,y,z,t). If matter is time cloaked, it does not have a time, t, coordinate. Therefore, this cloaked matter does not exist in our perception of reality.

The BIG Question. Where does the matter reside while cloaked if it is not in our reality/universe?

The matter is in superposition.

The 5th dimension.

The second dimension of time.


Alpha time.

The spirit world.

All of these are the same place.

A place where time does not exists as we understand it. The place of singularity within all black holes.

The place where the electron goes when it pops in and out of reality as it orbits the nucleus of an atom.

Watch this video to learn more about Alpha time.

This is where the extra energy may be coming from at CERN LHC.

Smashing protons together punches a whole in the fabric of three dimensional space and quickly seals at 3 TeV power only allowing enough energy for humans to be curious about the extra peak on their graphs at CERN.

What is going to happen when it is cranked up to full power of 7 TeV in December 2012?

What happens when the hole does not seal quickly?

Could this be how the Big Bang starts or will we first see our dead relatives come flying through the hole like the Bible says they will once again walk the earth during the rapture?

We now see more and more evidence that the 5th dimension exists all around us but our five senses cannot pick it up. The dimension is curled up so small that it is only accessible at the quantum level.

We all have been there, in Alpha time. Our consciousness becomes nonlocal when we dream.

This is why our dreams allow us to travel backward and forward through time and space like an electron wave in superposition. Our consciousness is in alpha time/superposition and behaves as a wave function like in the double slit experiment.

When our body chooses to awaken, the wave function collapses and our consciousness becomes fixed in our perception of reality as we return from a visit to the 5th dimension where all possibilities exist.

This is where our consciousness goes when we are anesthetized, and when we have an out of body experience while on drugs such as '___'.

This is what the double slit experiment indicates and this is where the particles go when time cloaked.

Just wait and see.

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