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Christians, what is America's direction?

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 09:27 PM
You freemen, you citizens, I am speaking to you in the fullness of your authority as citizens of this Republic.

Did you know the great value of your opinion, when it is appled in the enlightened and orderly process of brotherly debate and open dialogue? Are you aware that these are the true gifts of our language, and the true dividend of our peace?

We have no more enemies with the ability to destroy our nation. There is no threat to the American nation, our way of life is safe even from the most destructive agencies, we have nothing to fear from the hatred of strange foreigners with strange religious interpretations of god.

Why then, if we are a people so keen to know value, and luxury, and to enjoy the sweetest fruits of what we have grown, do we not endeavor to pursue the highest achievements of our kind, to lead the world with our dreams of advancing mankind? Not as a nation, or as men against men in the competition of gross materialism, but as the sweetest fruits of cutlure and civilization.

Our brightest minds have set upon the systems of finance over all other sciences, leaving precious few remaining to focus on the matters of science, the sacred jewels of civilizaiton and the culmination of our race and its fragile constructions, and the holy crown of our universal awareness and general awareness as a living people. This is a poverty, more ragged and shameful than any kind of earthly emaciation; it is the poverty of the nation as a whole, and the shame of it is the common burden of all freemen.

Let us think as a people, as citizens, taking the proper authorty for our nation with our ideas, and our thoughts. Those of us able to do this are obligated to do so, it is why we are given the mind to begin with.

Americans have this special burden, it is the sacred trust of a free people, and the contract between the future generations and the careful care and foresight of the present inhabitants of the land.

The thoughts to make in order to be citizens: What is the best direction to take for America? What goals should we accomplish as a people?

Any idea for progression is good, even if all it is based upon is a hatred of bad things and a promotion of growth and good things. That is the general foundation of civilization itself, without it civilization quickly degrades into the lessor forms of human organization.

Without a pursuit of the sciences, and the spiritual perfection of abstract things, a people descends into matter, and becomes cut off from the greater awareness of the universe. So then, what kind of world do you want to build, America? What do you want to do now?


posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 01:59 PM

What is the best direction to take for America?

IMO before we can set the world to rights we must first set our own
house in order. The misguided belief that this nation was founded as a christian nation must be discarded. we were founded as a nation of religious
freedom. what a persons beliefs were mattered only to the individual.

we must find a way to reverse the axiom America has the best leaders money can buy.

we need to return our military to military control. get the politicians out of
military operations. we need to again realize that war cannot be fought and won by gentlemen, war is hell. it is dirty,nasty, and ugly. people
DIE. as long as we continue to try and "win hearts and minds" only our young men and women will continue to die in large numbers. when attacked
our only consideration should be how to KILL more of them than they can us.
that is the only way to stop the terrorists, etc..

We have no more enemies with the ability to destroy our nation. There is no threat to the American nation, our way of life is safe even from the most destructive agencies, we have nothing to fear from the hatred of strange foreigners with strange religious interpretations of god.

I would disagree with this. the Terrorist threat is very real and dangerous.
i have my own ideas as to how to deal with them but will not subject you to that.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 04:28 PM
It's like when we were kids. When we were involved in a project that we loved, that we really had fun in, we all controbuted, got esxcited and loved the work and the processes involved.

When we are all grown up, we don't have any rules holding us back as far as what we can do. We can do whatever we want, put together whatever we want, and take our country wherever we want to. it's ours. The fun of this life is making things happen that are cool and fun.

Sending missions to space are really cool and really fun. Building new things is cool and fun. Those are the things we need to do. Real things. We will never really have our "house in order" but we can still get projects done.

We are all uncomfortable right now because our leadership has made some foolish decisions, and has plunged us into a great mire of conflict. We are shooting at ghosts, worried about comparatively small numbers of people with only a little bit of power.

None of these powers we are fighting have the ability to destroy the country, or even disrput our national activities. Most of the disruption that occured around the terroists attacks was created entirely by ourselves. The political and legal changes rushed into law by a reactive congress were of dubious nature for fighting terrorism. Mostly they just melted into the general increase in police power, reduction in the power of the individual against the government, and a whole lot of panic, confusion, and foolishness.

Our nation was terribly wounded from the attack. But it wasn't those planes that did it. It was the war we waged against our own selves in a blind fear. Our liberty may never recover, or at least it won't for a very long time. We are on the verge of total government control of the activities of its people. Our money, our transactions, our travel, even our information and records are being steadily tied together, corralled, and tied down to the power of the government.

We did that to ourselves, and it is more evil and destructive than any number of stupid little bombs that these violent men have thrown at us.

We need something to do. We need projects, goals, things we are building. This current president has done nothing, planned nothing, and given us no direction for the future. It is time to fire the president before we are stuck with him again.

The last major project America has completed was the Alaska pipline. We cancelled the supercollider, cancelled the new space shuttles, every great new thing we could build we did not, and now we have nothing new at all. We have nothing to be proud of, nothing but wars and little conflicts, just enough to drain the spirit of the people, and just enough blood loss to keep us weak.



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