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Embryonic stem cells no good?

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 12:53 PM

Media hiding truth on stem cells

Dr. Dobson: Media Hiding Truth on Stem Cells

"Embryonic stem cells are not going to be the source of a cure for Alzheimer's," Dobson told the capacity crowd. "Are you aware that not one human being anywhere in the world is being treated with embryonic stem cells? There is not a single clinical trial going on anywhere in the world, because (embryonic) stem cells in laboratory animals ... create tumors. Nobody will use them."

By comparison, adult stem cells have shown great promise in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, Dobson explained.

More on the doctor:

Any way to confirm this? Any medical experts on here?
I certainly am not so...what makes embryonic stem cells more valuable than adult?

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