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NWO, Global Warming, and the recent Elections

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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 09:03 AM
I have respect for some of the NWO conspiracy theory scenarios, such as that 911 was an inside job, and that there is an anglophile elite who want to maintain their 5 century hold over power on the globe. But the quantitative degree this conspiracy is a reality I still question.

I don’t believe in the extreme ideas such as Dave Icke and his reptilians, and the hysterical ramblings of Alex Jones, though I remain open to any possibility, these extreme NWO scenarios are hard to accept and IMO require more proof for me to give credence.

That said, I want to question the contradiction of the NWO theorists where many of them claim the elite are desperate to initiate a carbon tax on humanity because of global warming, and that people like Al Gore is their representative with his propaganda regarding Global warming.

Also they claim the NWO elites control the American electorate, and manipulate them as they please.

Here comes my question.

If they [ those behind the NWO] do have the above mentality regarding Global warming, then why has these elite allowed for a Republican success in the American elections recently, where the present configuration of the congress wont pass anything regarding controlling Global warming such as a carbon tax.

Is the NWO on its last legs as some suggest?

Or is this a setback?

Will they strike back?


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