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So many misconceptions and stupidities I am sooo frustrated!

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 06:30 PM
Ugh, why can't I read a few threads here without being bombarded by retarded statements like:

"Bush tricked Saddam in attacking Kuwait".


"The Americans themselves did not have a democratic election, you won't tolerate oppression abroad but you'll tolerate it at home."


"Do you really think there'd be bombs going off in Iraq if the Americans were not there? Think about that..."

It is just not in my nature to allow such stupid misconceptions to fly around, it boils my blood.

Saddam did not think the Americans had the "balls" to stop him from invading Kuwait. When some of his Generals said that his plan is a bit ill-conceived, Saddam killed them right there with his own hand-gun in front of everyone else.

America is not a "democracy".

Democracies don't exist on earth except in a town region in the Swiss alps and that's about it.

America elected President Bush Constitutionally, because America is a Union of States, the States have a say in who will be President, not the people, because each State has different beliefs and agendas that are expressed by their people, but some States are significantly smaller population-wise, hence the Electoral College System.

If we wanted bean-head politics we'd have constructed ourselves after the British politics.

And if America just left Iraq, Al Qaeda would have invaded Iraq and conquered it for itself attempting to re-establish something along the lines of the Taliban.

The Taliban was a foriegn invasion of Afghanistan after the nation threw out the Soviets. Where there was a power vaccum, religious fanatics would take over and Iraq is no different.

They are not fighting to get America out of Iraq so much as they are fighting to make Iraq their next home for Islamic Fundamentalism.

Now I suggest you people go bugger off and do some research before posting because I can't take this constant barrage of ignorance. You people know who you are, it is really easy just go read some history and stop making-up stuff so that it fits your "I hate Bush" or "I hate liberals" world.

The 3rd World isn't taken advantage of by the 1st World (I actually might devote a thread to explain the current situation of the 3rd World but have to figure out how I am going to word it.)

Israel is not some grand "scheme" by some "higher powers".

9/11 was not devised by the Bush Administration.

Iraq is not about Oil. (How about you people who claim it is actually check where those Oil exports go to?)

Saddam had WMDs. Hell Saddam had enough Botulinum toxin to kill the world 3 times over, where do you think it went?

We, the US has found Sarin Gas artillery, as well as Anthrax IN IRAQ! There's your freaking WMDs boobs!

The UN has stated June 12th that Iraq was moving out of the country all of its WMDs and illegal weapons before, during and after the US-led "liberation" of Iraq.

And America is not a "Colonial Empire" ... learn what Colonialism was you apes.

I'm done ranting, try and freaking keep your posts realistic because some of us just hate seeing such filth, it reminds us how retarded some of the voting population is....

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 07:22 PM
Finnaly someone has stepped up and posted something pro United States. Im tired of all that crap about America being the root of evil or something. I mean I like conspiricies and all but some are so outrageous and some ppl even believe it. Im with you 100% on this, so I will back you up if there is any conflict.

Go U.S.A!!!!

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 08:27 PM
Yes!!! Finally! I was starting to think I was just about the only one on here with conservative views (Are you conservative?). I'm in the middle of conservative and liberal, but I think I lean more towards the right. Thanks, your post was awesome. I've been telling people some of those things for so long...nobody listens. Then they think I'm the stupid, ignorant one just because my views aren't AGAINST America. My post "Not ignorance, not ignorance, not ignorance." touches upon that a little bit. I too, get so frustrated with people that say things like that. My favorite is "It's a war for oil". That one REALLY pisses me off. Or, "The Iraqis want all the American's OUT, but the Americans aren't listening and trying to turn Iraq into another America." We're trying to HELP Iraq; save them from the terrorists. It's the TERRORISTS that want us out, not the iraqi's.

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