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Welcome to pronunciation, Todays word is PROPAGANDA

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posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 08:35 AM
So here we go again, the propaganda coming at us thick and fast about a new Al Qaeda threat from Yemen.
According to a Yemeni newspaper, no UPS planes take off or land in it
and no cargo planes have left in the 48 hours that the bomb was supposed to have shipped in.

Link to the

No UPS cargo planes left Yemen to other countries in the last days and there are no direct flights from Yemen to the United Kingdom or the United States, a Yemeni official said, after allegations that British and U.S. officials had found suspicious packages on planes that originated in Yemen. The official wondered how the media mentioned the name of Yemen reporting that an explosive device was found onboard a cargo plane that landed in London coming from Yemen. UPS planes never land or take off in Yemen, the official made clear.

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posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 08:41 AM
Oh wow, so Yemen is stating that the bombs/planes did NOT originate from it? But wait, this goes against the "official story"???

My guess: a statement will be released soon saying that they mis-spoke, and that the planes most certainly DID originate from them. Otherwise, whoever leaked this information is in big trouble...

posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 01:01 PM
Welcome to pronunciation part two, Todays word is LOGISTICS

Please research how UPS handles the transportation of packages from Yemen to the world at large.
No planes out of Yemen? How about TRUCKS?
Trucks that transport all packages from a HUB in Yemen to an airport TERMINAL in another country to be placed on a cargo PLANE.

The only way this thread has merit is if UPS does no business in Yemen at all.
Why not go to UPS website and check the shipping rates from your house to Yemen...I'll wait

posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 01:04 PM
From the UPS website

Yemen Contact Information Sun Tours and Travel Authorized Service Contractor for UPS Damascus Street - Hadda area Sana'a Republic of Yemen Tel.: +967 1 416751 Tel.: +967 1 418659 Fax: +967 1 418264 Aden Al-Maala Street Aden Republic of Yemen Tel.: +967 2 220788 Fax: +967 2 247636 Hodeidah Al-Meina Street Hodeidah Republic of Yemen Tel.: +967 3 233203 Tel.: +967 3 233204 Fax: +967 3 233205 Taiz Al-Kamb Street Taiz Republic of Yemen Tel.: +967 4 226756

UPS does business in Yemen.

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posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 01:17 PM
when ups contracts work out to other businesses that package aka cargo becomes the official property of ups

and that makes the plane or truck hauling belong to ups until that said cargo is delievered to your door

the carrier assumes all liability for that package until it gets to its destinations.

thats how that works people.

posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 01:40 PM
nice vid. all fair arguments, and it's true that lots of packages are picked up and transported to planes by trucks, but.. i think the question is...

whether said contract driver could himself be working for al quaeda, and simply used an address on his route, or could the "suspicious packages" have originated from another country and also simply used a false address?? or is this simply a false flag, so the TPTB can start reigning in on our services, much like they may be trying to do with the internet? if something is seen as a possible security threat, the government would "shut it down for the safety of the people" etc. etc., blah blah, ad nauseum and so on and so forth.

while the yemeni officials don't want to look like a haven for terrorists, they could be lieing, but i think a lie like that would just be stupid, being as it's information anyone can check, as has already happened in the above reply.
but, on the other hand, it's entirely possible that people in yemen don't watch enough american television, and therefore haven't learned all the really cool, smart ways to do stuff... just one season of burn notice, and they'd have it in the bag. lol..

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