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Oroboros: Liberation Station pt. V

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 03:57 PM
The father picked up a stick and walked to a sandy spot in the grasses. 'Can you imagine eternity in your mind; that which has no beginning and no end.'

'No father, I cannot, you are Alpha and Omega,' his eyes alight in wonder.

The father nodded and drew a cicle in the sand. 'Although, my son, this circle began where I first placed the tip of this stick and ended where it started, as a circle is a circle so regardless of circumstance, in that I could have startedand thus ended it anywhere, where is its beginning or end.'

'I think I understand father, yet, as a circle is in itself, I do not know.' He paused wondering yet knowing.

'A circle has no beginning or end as seen. Technically it begins and can begin, anywhere in and of itself or of one's choosing, but to be a circle it must end where it began. If it can begin anywhere, then THAT makes the idea that it has a beginning or end irrelevant. A circle is a circle. If you started in Humana's math terms, at any of the 360 degrees until you had drawn 360 circles, no one would be other than a circle in circles. Now, without relevance to where I chose to start this circle in the sand, can you see a beginning or an end.'

'No, I suppose a circle as seen has not either beginning nor end.' Certain returned.

'Exactly my son, it IS eternity. Yet still the mind eludes the concious interpretation of the eternal. A person is in and thus subject to: Time. Moments are passing as they see a circle; thoughts one to the next...flow. Now imagine a bicycle tire. The tire has no beginning or end, but represents time as a wheel with all inside of it, well, being inside time. The spokes inside turn in an incremental manner though. Each spoke is as a moment in time; a line from centre to circumference that is linear in that each spoke has two ends. It doesn't matter which you see as start or finish, for a child can look ahead and imagine its future or when old look back remebering that past and looking back at the child in them that looked towards the future. The spoke is a segment. When the wheel spins, the spoes alternate their position or appear in motion while the tire itself appears to turn as well. This is truth. However, each spoke is still attached to the tire where it is. Rotation changes its perspective to your eyes, but a spinning wheel is the same physically as when it is not. When it stops, in and of itself it never changes as a thing, a form, only your perspective OF it changed as I said, just as a book as read has a beginning and an end but when on a shelf it is as all other books: Just a book.

So, if every single thing is as a spoke as every thing DOES have a beginning and an end, from birth to death or death to birth, the tire (as like time) is all encompassing of those segments; time eternal.
Basically if the tire represents all encompassing time and the hub is origin to all in its centre, then each spoke is as like unto a single life, each life in time, moving from hub to tire.'

'I am that I am, as outside of both. I am not as the spoke nor as the tire. I am both. I am neither. I am outside of a linear existence and outside of all time that each line represents. I see all times and moments in time. No matter where the tire is in revolution or the creation as such, I still know each spoke from another as inside the tire. Turning or not I see it the same always. If I stand in one spot and spin the wheel before myself am I not static as all times, spaces and places pass before me.'

'Can I try father,' Certain asked with even brighter eyes.

'Of course,' he said handing the stick to his son.

Certain drew another circle and added the lines as spokes, then walked around it saying: 'As I walk around it my position to it changes and THIS is perspective. The picture never does move, it is I that moves....and this is time.'

'Exactly my son. Forwards or backwards, to and fro, all its parts and their situated locations as relative to eachother never switch around, which is to say this spoke in your drawing as example, he pointed, stays wherever it is as you walked around it. Creation from my perspective is the same. I see it revolve as a spinning wheel, but for me every being is as they are within it; unchanging as the spokes within the wheel. The creation as the centre and circumference or that which enshrouds it with the limit of the length of the spokes is as time limits the lives of Humana. The spin is time itself as an applied dynamic to the creation's components as oneness in a limited space and time in motion.
Now stand back a distance and watch.'

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