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Oroboros: Liberation Station pt. IV

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 01:12 AM
Fresh air, sweet and warm drifted into his nostrils as pure as pure is, as the breeze which ruffled his hair and robe singing a song the birds overhead danced to. Shocked, Certain turned his head to his left and fatherr sat as flesh next to him. 'What is this father, he asked not without confusion.

'This, my son, is the home that you were raised in as one of your mortal lives asked for. I remind you not to get too close as the rules of contact still apply. This pains me, as I so much want to embrace my son. Alas, I cannot change the rules for even you.'

'I know your love father, it is in my heart and mind. I am. I, as your son, do not require physical expression from you, and I suppose it is because I am of you; I am much like you.

'you are very wise my son. It is all true, as I sit here it is true. I only speak as such to ensure agreement for, although I know your thoughts, you do not always know mine. There is a reason for this, but that is for another time. I will start with this: What is the first thing that came to mind as you found yourself here.

He, Certain sat there a long time, finally....'Where am I...and how did I get here.'

'Mokiah, the tower of Xynonym, the Heavvens, my Angels, everything is now, in this moment, non-existent anywhere but my mind. None will continue to exist until we leave. Now, here, there is only you and I. This is one of my aspects. We will be here a short while and I had to pause everything as I am connected to everything. It requires attention from me to you int his moment, it is not for reason but that I cannot allow this conversation to exist in any other state. As you know I can speak in your mind whenever I wish, as you can in mine. There will be a time when we share a single mind.

for this to occur i have had to prevent you with access to my mind as i have with yours. You know out of time existence only as immortality. Just as any or all whom know outside-of-time. Thus, moments as a linear progression still allow discernment in all my children, (and their M.E. or memory eternal) between any one event, experience, and another. I myself, and i alone, do not view anything as linear or in progression, at least not as I am. I undestand that concept as i fabricated its design and exist in all minds always and forever. However, it is not by 'time' that I am. It is complicated to all but myself, but I will convey a portion of this knowledge unto you. Even now, I am all time, all moments, all thoughts, all experience, all that can be seen as singular units or isolated from the infinite mind, taken from the whole of Ayn Sof, the Oneness is Alpha unto Omega. The seed unto the soil or womb.'

'A sentence has a beginning and an end. A life has a beginning and an end. a day has a beginning and and end. Everything that has a beginning has an end, and so on.' Certain matched his father's knowledge of this with a nod.

'You are like humana. I have spared you the knowledge of things absolute but for a different reason. For them it is not for me to tell you. For you it is love and necessity.'


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