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Temporal recon,alien abduction, and what we're being prepared for...

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 12:46 AM
First, I'd like to state, clearly, that I do not believe in the John Titor story, word for word, nor do i believe in Dan Burisch's story. I do, however, believe in alien abduction, and I do think that it is possible to travel between parallel universes. If i've defended JT on this site, it is because I think some of the debunking being used here isn't really so sharp.

..OK, that preamble being said...

I'd like to propose that many of the stories we're hearing, lately, concerning time travel and UFOs are designed to prepare us for the 'truth'... namely that Earth is being visited by beings from either the future or a parallel universe that need human genetic material to 'restore' themselves (and that, in return, they are warning us of the dangers of casual genetic alteration). These creatures may, in fact, be human facsimiles from alternate 'worldlines'.

Now, yes, people have said similar things before, but i'd like to try to tie the various stories we've heard over the years together.

First, it has been noted for almost two decades that there is a strong genetic/reproductive aspect to what is called the 'alien abduction' phenomena. Sperm, ova, and various forms of genetic material is taken from abductees. Later on, abductees often report having encountered creatures that were hybridized from their samples. Bud Hopkins was the first to really make this observation:

If this is really happening, we are forced to wonder how such material could easily be recombined with alien material... and how it came to pass that aliens have a strong resemblance to humans. Surely such work would have a better chance of success if there was some basic relationship to begin with?

Now... flash forward a few years. John titor begins writing posts around 2000 where he describes himself as a time traveller in the service of a 'temporal recon' unit of a post-nuclear war US Army:

He claims that there are a variety of problems his future world faces, including sterility (we can assume that a high degree of mutation is also present). It has recently discovered how to use artificial singularities to visit the pre-war past (of alternate 'worlds') and recover desperately needed goods.

Now, appearing now and again in the UFO community, is a guy calling himself Dan Burisch. He claims to be an Area 51 scientists who studied the biology of an 'ET' who was actually a human from a distant, post-catastrophe future:
This alien resembles a 'traditional' grey alien.

Recently, the topic of the vulnerability of human DNA has also made it into the mainstream press, most notably with Brian Sykes, an Oxford researcher who claims that the male Y chromosome will fail in over 100,000 years or so:

Now, though I'm using Sykes as an example, it's clear from the post-chernobyl environment that mutations can be caused by heavy doses of radiation.

Swarming about all of this, over these last few years, are also stories dealing with time travel and alternate futures... Most notably the stuff related to the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk projects

What am i driving at, here? There appears, if you look closely, themes that run across many of the major conspiracy theories -- That time and space can be bridged through manipulating gravity, that humans have contacted strange beings in this way, and that this contact is related to a genetic project aimed at preventing the death of either humanity or the 'other' group.

What conclusions (as examples) can be drawn from all this:
1.That all of these stories are feeding off of each other, creating an illusion of connection when in fact we really have reproduction
2.That none of these stories are true, but are only cultural reactions to many of Einstein's mind-bending observations.
3.That humanity develops the ability to hop across parallel univserses or timelines in the near future and first uses thatability to try to repair material damage left over from a nuclear war. In the distant future such (by then common) technology is used in an attempt to save the genetic lineage of the human race.
4.That #3 (along with John Titor, Dan Burisch, and similar stories) is partly true... All of those tales are cooked up by the government as a way to prepare us for some real discoveries that have been made along these lines.

Personally, I believe in #4... but one could also write a timeline where both the JT story and abductions from the future fit together.

Any thoughts? I've tried to link to pages with multiple resource links, though some of these were just quick google picks.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 12:48 AM
note: I put this here instead of aliens/ufos because it deals with time travel and medical issues... maybe ats needs a time travel forum, too?

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 09:00 AM
Interesting, good post

I'm always looking at how different subjects in the conspiracy field can link together in any way - because I think one of the best defences of a consiracy/secret - is the breaking apart of the things that make up the truth.

For example, if you are interested in financial/corporate conspiracy, one might not be able to tie everything together, or if you look at ET/UFO conspiracy subjects, it might not all make sense, or one might not be able to find motivation for the theories - However, if you look at everything as a whole, then you can see how everything could be connected - wars, the media, finance, politics, UFO, space travel, time travel, world history, ancient civilisations etc, etc.

It's my opinion that probably #4 in the scenarios you list above is the truth.

Propaganda, 'grooming' (preparing the masses) and disinformation are rampant and fact. But I don't think everything is disinfo.

Between opinion, propaganda, disinformation, grooming, hoaxes, theories and wacked out crazies - there has to be a seed of truth (at least a seed).

I do think official science is decades behind real science, so I think it's very likely that the thread of genetic (DNA) alteration and engineering, and advanced space/time travel that you outline is a bankable assumption to make.

Without irrefutable evidence one way or the other, it's all down to personal opinion, and we all choose where to draw the line in the sand - whether that line is at undercover Government technologies, or soul-stealing 4th dimensional lizards, as long as we keep discussing our opinions, theories and findings, that's the best thing to increase our knowledge and understanding

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 04:56 AM
I also have to add, that from what I've read of both - Dan Burisch seems more believable (or should I say, less of a hoax) than John Titor.

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