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Icke Interviews N.W.O. Mother Goddess

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 06:23 PM
I just watched a copy of a David Icke tape a friend lent me, "Conversations With A Mother Goddess." It is quite a trip.
The woman's story is that she was part of an Illuminati breeding project, mind-controlled and tortured as a child by a shadowy group led by Dr. Joseph Mengele, singled out because of her advanced psychic abilities, and designated the "Mother Goddess" of a Satanic/Illuminati/Druidic group called the "Mothers of Darkness." She was present & participated in blood sacrifice rituals attended by the shapeshifting Reptilians that are controlling the planet & setting our course for the New World Order. Attendees include the Bushes, Prince Charles, and Hillary Clinton. She describes in detail how the Queen Mother shapeshifted into her Reptilian form and ate human flesh. The tape ends with Icke telling us to "make of the information what you will" & to not paint all Reptilians as evil because some are working covertly to help us (this was a new twist on Icke-lore and I was quite surprised to hear it).


I admit that I am a fan of David Icke. I think some of what he says is insightful, particularly his views on the spiritual nature of human beings. I thoroughly enjoyed his tape set "Freedom Road" and think he is a charismatic & sincere-sounding speaker.

But watching this woman being interviewed, I really had my doubts. Of course there is the initial incredible over-the-top quality of her claims. But there have been things that have happened to me that other people would automatically not believe either (not on the level of being a Mother Goddess for the N.W.O. mind you) so I try to keep an open mind. But I am really curious as to what is the real deal with this woman. She discovered all these things during therapy--making up for "missing time." The question arises: did the therapist plant this in her head? Her story is very detailed, with many nuances that seem real--but could she just be a woman who was abused as a child and made this grandiose narrative up to feel less helpless and insignificant?


Is all this really true? Or is some of this true? Or is any of this based on real events, some variation on her story?
And what does David Icke himself think about this? Does he really believe her? Is this disinformation? Where did he find this lady? And what of his statement at the end of the tape telling us about the "good Reptilians" as opposed to the evil ones?

Whenever I hear such an incredible detailled narrative as this, presented as fact, I really want to know the Truth of the matter. I want to see it either debunked completely or have some elements proved to be true.

Has anybody seen this tape or know anything about this story? Insights are appreciated. Thanks!

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 07:55 PM
Thanks for the review, Cassie.
No, I've not seen the interview. Is this the Arizona woman he mentions in The Biggest Secret?
I just to be a big Icke fan, for some of the reasons you mentioned. I think he has lots of great sources in his book, and he seems to take some of them out of context.

Shape-shifting reptilians is a bit much to swallow.

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 08:13 PM
Thanks, DontTreadOnMe,
This is the same woman, Arizona Wilder. I can more readily accept the Reptilian shapeshifter concept as a Shamanic one--maybe people who are "cold-blooded" in mindset really appear kind of serpentlike in aura or if you're looking at them astrally or whatever.
But Icke seems to genuinely believe in them...whatever the case, I'm still a fan of his. He's just so darned earnest!

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by Cassie Clay
I just watched a copy of a David Icke tape a friend lent me, "Conversations With A Mother Goddess." It is quite a trip.

It sounds like a real hoot. I think he's a real idiot and that he finds flaky people to support his fantastical views. So let's do a quick cursory exam of this one:

Let's examine some of her claims from the website:

Her programmer was Josef Mengele, the notorious, "Angel of Death" in the Nazi concentration camps and when he died in the late 1980s her programming began to break down.

FIRST LIE: Mengle died in 1979. His death was absolutely, positively confirmed.

singled out because of her advanced psychic abilities, and designated the "Mother Goddess" of a Satanic/Illuminati/Druidic group called the "Mothers of Darkness."

SECOND LIE: Druids aren't any part of the Illuminati, and they're most certainly not Satanists. Satanists aren't Druids. They don't form alliances.

Secondly, if she's so psychic, why isn't she as well-known as John Edwards and Sylvia Brown and the Pet Psychic Lady?

Here's some debunking by the person he asked to read his book ahead of time -- this person emailed him with concerns, by the way, and points out some real flaws in the "multiple personality" claims:

You should read that, but let me give you some points from it that I thought were insightful:

She states the royal lizards change back to lizards when asleep. Considering how many of them were educated in schools where they also lived amongst hundreds of others in dorms, and how many of them were in the armed forces, you would think someone would have noticed this little thing!

That's spot on. They don't get special housing.

She states that the royal lizards cant stay in human form at the scent of blood and transform and go crazy, ripping into their victims. And in all those years nobody has ever noticed this when they have cut themselves, been around blood, menstruating women etc. Considering they are so public, there is no way they have never been in the vicinity of blood. No signs there though either.

His real personal history shows a long sequence of lies and outright schizophrenic or psychotic behavior. He's either a chronic liar or he's so far off the planet he can't tell truth from reality:

David Icke was a soccer player who was forced into retirement due to arthritis. He then became a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sports presenter, commenting on various middle-of-the-road sports events. He was fired after claiming he was the son of God and after he took his female personal assistant on holiday whilst making her pregnant. Left behind in England during this tryst were Icke's wife and young sons. After widespread public condemnation of his actions, Mr. Icke called a press conference and (wearing a turquoise track suit) explained that he had taken his assistant on this trip in order to heal the earth's energy spots. In addition, he claimed he was the Son of God, Reborn Messiah. After many, many talk show appearances he ultimately recanted his Messiah claim saying that he was mad at the time.

No kidding....

The info comes from here, but it's found in other places, too:

According to one report, Icke discovered he was "special" by his "uncanny ability" to find parking places in London.

Oh yeah....

But watching this woman being interviewed, I really had my doubts. Of course there is the initial incredible over-the-top quality of her claims.

Quite right, and it appears she was one of many who got advanced copies of at least one of his books. Just amazing how her tales would happen to match his publications, eh?

And what does David Icke himself think about this? Does he really believe her?

It confirms all his theories... of course he believes it completly! If you had a story that everyone said was totally loony and someone suddenly showed up who confirmed it, would you dismiss them quickly?

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 09:15 PM
the link you've provided is awesome, exactly what I was looking for; I've just started reading it.

Yeah, Arizona Wilder did seem kind of "off" -- I have a pretty open mind bt it just felt like either:
She had some sort of major personality disorder & just made the whole thing up
Deliberate disinformation designed to completely discredit Icke, which it accomplishes pretty well.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 07:28 AM
Hi, Im new to the forum so please be nice

Anyways, theres this man named Red Elk Red Elk faq who confirms this lizard/reptilian issue. Whats interesting is that David Icke has on more than one occasion on his visits to the US asked for Red Elk to meet with him. Red Elk has refused at all times, theres more info at his site as to why he wont see Icke (in the forum I think).

This is from the Red Elk faq:

Q: Do Lizard People REALLY exist, or is this a bunch of BS?
A: I wish they didn't. Here is a site you may be interested in, although I have not looked into it myself: Go to Art Bell's website ( "Past Guest: Bonnie Crystal". Click on her web link and scroll to images of expedition. Click and scroll 'til you see a caver, pointing to lizard tracks pointing to an underground cave. Make up your own mind. We of Medicine have long ago made up ours. Yes, they exist.

Q: Where are the Lizard People?
A: Many are bred into our people and are living, eating, working next to you. Some actually shape-shift into human form .. though rare. Most overall live below us in the earth. There are instances where full blood lizards are seen on our surface in full lizard form, but never outside in public. They work hand in hand at certain sites in well guarded and unlighted (by Sun) factories, etc. Do they exist? Wait. You'll find out.

He writes quite alot on his own forum, though his spelling and grammar is awful, so it takes awhile to get his point sometimes. This is from one of his posts about Icke

Folks....I LOVE HIM...just refuse to be a "part" of him. When he was in Seattle recently I was practicly BEGED to meet him. Turned um down FLAT. Time after Time. Why? All hed do is US MY KNOWELRGE THEY EXIST. SPREADING his "There HERE...n U CANT STOP UM" Fear. B.S.! Ive stoped 2, have allso talked with others (half breeds) n HELPED Them to OVERCOME THIER LIZZ "SIDE". At LEAST 5 others. ANY that do NOT GIVE "HOPE", Lizzed or not....r WORKING FOR THE DARK SIDE. ANY not AIMING U TO THE CREATOR n His WALKING LOVE EXAMPLE is DOING THE SAME "DARK" WORK. There IS "HOPE".

And also, seperate from Icke and Red Elk theres this young woman, Heidi Hollis, her site is at - and she has written a book about the reptilian agenda as well. Its called The Secret War, and its really interesting if you want to investigate the subject further. But check out her page anyway.

The intent of this post was to show that Icke is far from the only person claiming Reptilian/Lizards roaming the underworld and trying to impose on our lives.

I hope this post made some sense

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by Cassie Clay
Yeah, Arizona Wilder did seem kind of "off" -- I have a pretty open mind bt it just felt like either:
She had some sort of major personality disorder & just made the whole thing up
Deliberate disinformation designed to completely discredit Icke, which it accomplishes pretty well.

Cassie, you may be on to something here. What if she were a plant to discredit Icke. As you say, she is not a credible person.
I do like your aura theory of reptilians, though.

A poster on another thread on ATS, maybe an Icke thread, recently reported that The Biggest Secret when he saw it was totally different. Then, Icke interviewed Arizona and went off with her theories and completely changed the tone of the book.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 11:11 AM
to Byrd for a concise debunking of Ickes BS. Perhaps I should change careers and make a living out of fantasy fiction as Ickes has done. The problem with that career path is that it relies solely on blatant lies. Unless of course, one is certifiably nuts in which case the lies would probably not be considered a sin.

What is more difficult to understand is why so many people seek to delude themselves and actually believe what Icke and people like Arizona Wilder spew out as fact. Has our world become so difficult to live in, or perhaps boring, or without purpose, or life of such little value that we warmly welcome the insane thoughts of reptillians and shape shifting and the way over the top melding of all this by Wilder? Sorry, I just don't understand this! Not to mention that it's more than just a little scary.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 03:59 PM
David Icke is a giant fraud... nobody should trust him, or even listen to him. A charlatan!

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 09:18 PM
i have read the first couple of chapters of The Biggest Secret and to be honest, as actual fact, it is complete bull. but in a science fiction point of view, it was a very good.

personally i believe that there ARE a handful of people out there with enough money and influence pulling the strings behind the scenes, always has , and always will be. but as far as reptillians go, how farfecthed can u get? icke is not trying to convince everyone of this, he just need this 1% or less of the populace in order to make a decent buck. yep, sorry to break it to ya folks, but thats how the world is, its all about the money. the only thing u can trust in this world is money, money makes the world go round.

there's no way u can predict any of this is going happen. just like the aussie bloke hoax. i can say the world will end a week from now, if it happens, people will say, "omg, r u psychic?!?!" (no, its just called 'the law of probability') if it doesnt happen, then im a fraud. at least thats what i think david icke is...

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 04:21 PM
Yes, I have also read some of Ickes books and been to his website. While reading his latest book, "Alice in Wonderland and the Trade Center Disaster" I came across a chapter that discusses Flight 587 which crashed in November of 2001, right after 9.11. This chapter talks about the crash and says that this same pilot was in the flight tower the morning of 9.11 and found out that there was a major conspiracy and some cover-ups of the WTC crashes and because of this the plane was "sabotaged" so to get rid of the pilot who KNEW too much.

Well, this really stuck with me since the pilot of Flight 587 was Ed States, who is my husbands cousins husband. Sten Molin was the co-pilot and I found out that he was actually the one flying the plaine when it crashed. I called my husbands cousin and asked her where her and Ed were the morning of 9.11 and she says that Ed was off and was at home with her and the 2 boys.

Since Icke gives no names in this chapter, I realize he must have meant Sten Molin, the co-pilot that he was talking about. I then asked Mary States where Sten was the morning of 9.11 and she says he was on the far as she knows. He was getting ready to "take off" when all planes were grounded.

So, Icke isn't real clear with his info and has a tendency to make statements without back-up or references.

Here is part of that chapter...

Stanley Hilton is the Attorney for the families of 9.11 who are sueing Bush for the deaths of their family members. Hilton said that a flight attendant with American Airlines who knew many of the attendants who died on 9.11, told him that a pilot on the American Airlines Airbus A300, which mysteriously crashed after take-off from New York City 2 months after 9.11, had some knowledge of what had happened during the attacks. She told Hilton that the pilot had been in the control tower at New Yorks Kennedy Airport while the hijackings were taking place and he knew the official story was not true. She said he was having qualms about what he had seen and Hilton said the "unofficial rumour" at American Airlines was that the plane was sabotaged so that the pilot would be killed.

Thing about David Icke is he does have alot of info that IS true and it would make him credible if he stuck to the things he can prove. But some things, like this above....just don't float.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 06:30 PM
I file David Icke under comedy. He is funny.

His whole reptile story would make one hell of a good movie. But the facts on Reptiles are complete bull. Im yet to see anything even remotely solid to verify thier existance and his theories.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 05:23 AM
I have seen the video. Very interesting, but also quite dubious in terms of believability.

Although the information and story that she presents is wildly fantastic... it may just be fantasy. There may be truth to it however, though it would be heavily entrenched amongst many webs of lies. The woman did seem to be a bit off... definitely on some form of medication judging by her monotone manner of speech. I have also suspected that she is a disinformant based on several incongruencies on what she was talking about. She may or may not be aware of the mind-control programming which is so obviously embedded within her, for one reason or the other. She talks about it, only briefly, and not enough to provide substantiation.

Also, if she was really as much a part of those ceremonies as she said she was, I would think that she would be of a... higher class of individuals, if you know what I mean. On the other hand, she could be so heavily programmed that her mental capabilities have been limited.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 06:04 AM
I've said it once and I'll say it again,
David Icke has lost the plot...

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 02:35 PM

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