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NEWS: Ireland Ready For Bush

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 10:06 PM
United States President George W. Bush will be attending the June 25-26 European Union/United States meeting in Ireland. President Bush is expected to be on Irish soil for just over 18 hours but his visit is estimated to cost the state £2.1m. This is the biggest security operation in the history of the Irish state.

Sky News
More than 2,000 troops, heavy armoured vehicles, four naval ships and Air Corp planes will surround Shannon Airport where President Bush is due to arrive later.

Specialist decontamination units and bomb disposal teams will also be on high alert to guard against a possible chemical or biological attack.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This is The Presidents first stop on his trip outside The United States. The EU-US Summit, which takes place in Dromoland Castle, County Clare is an annual event, with the location alternating between the US and the EU country holding Presidency of the EU Council at the time.

The Summit is an occasion for the EU and the US to demonstrate the strength and progress of their strategic partnership. The Irish Presidency has worked closely with the US Administration to develop areas of practical EU-US cooperation in pursuit of a safer, fairer and more prosperous world. The Declarations to be adopted by the Summit will provide evidence of the achievements in this regard.

There is also progress on the political front. The divisions which arose over the invasion of Iraq, both between the US and Europe and within the EU, have been replaced by a determination to move forward on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 1546. The US and the EU have the common aim of the return of sovereignty to the Iraqi people and the creation of a democratically elected Iraqi government.

The Summit is expected to discuss and to issue declarations on Iraq, on counter-terrorism, on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, on HIV/Aids, on Sudan/Darfur, and on pursuing peace, prosperity and partnership with the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Information Taken From EU Presidency 2004

In his second stop, President Bush will be in Istanbul, Turkey on June 28-29 for the NATO 2004 Summit. For an outline of the Summit agenda see

Both summits could be seen as some to provide some damage control for recent ongoings in Iraq. It also would provide a stage to increase relations with those who disapproved of the Iraq War in its beginning stages, and even today. With the Three recent beheadings of civilians taking place, this has turned into a Barbaric War on the side of Sel-claimed Al-Qaeda militants, and even Al-Qaeda themselves. Even though some countries did not agree with the war in the first place, it is even more pertinant that they Now become involved.

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