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The Perfect Storm Political Race: How Texans can turn politics upside down in Texas and the Nation.

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 04:55 PM
The Race: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

The Republican, Susan Combs was unopposed in the Republican primary and is now unopposed by Democrats in the mid-term elections.

This race is obscure and boring to most and that is exactly how TPTB want it to stay. Despite that, it is critically important to the future of Texans and, as it stands now, Texans will lose big if Combs gets reelected.

Why is it so important?

Tax Collection is the very base of a government’s power. If The People cannot control this, they cannot hope to control their government.

The Texas Comptroller controls the collection of nearly all taxes in Texas and (since 1996) doubles as State Treasurer. The Legislature is prevented by law from passing legislation that could be deemed by the Comptroller as un-funded based on the Comptroller’s budget projection.

The Texas State Comptroller is not just administrative, they have a powerful influence on how we get taxed. Can we agree that all of our property should be taxed equally and fairly? Can we agree that when the government takes land from citizens, they should pay those citizens the fair market value their home is appraised at?

Yes? Well, this is not happening with Susan Combs in charge and it is costing Texas homeowners tens of millions of dollars a year in fees paid to property tax consultants in an effort to get treated fairly by their own government.

What I am proposing is this:

The Solution: Vote for Ed Lindsay, Green Party Candidate


  • Incumbent Republican, Susan Combs is not a Conservative!
  • The Democrat establishment did not run a candidate to oppose Combs!
  • Ed Lindsay is qualified for the position and will work for Texans
  • The Libertarian is not a viable candidate
  • Conservatives can send a message to the Republican establishment without risk of losing the seat to a Democrat
  • Democrats can still have a voice in this race instead of conceding it to a Republican (Which is what party leadership chose to do)
  • Democrats have more in common with the Green Party than either the Republican or Libertarian parties
  • The Comptroller position is extremely important in how fairly Texans get taxed
  • The Texas Comptroller can advise the legislature that Appraisal District values should be used for all property acquired through eminent domain.

There are no divisive politics involved in this race. Larger social issues are mostly irrelevant in this position. It is a cut and dry Establishment vs The People race.

I propose to you that Liberals and Conservatives are not divided on every issue and do not always have to be opponents. On a few key issues we can all find common ground and realize that some establishment politicians are working against all of our interests.

MoveOn.Org members can work with Tea Party members on one race to improve all Texans lives.
This can be a blueprint in other states and in other races on how Americans can regain control of their corrupt government.

Even the most party loyal should question why there was no opposition to Combs.
This race is obscure and uncontested for a reason. Behind the scenes in the mundane world of government bureaucracy a foreign company (Cintra) is diligently working to take land from Texans for a massive tollway project. A tollway where the profits will not go to improve Texas infrastructure, but to companies in Spain and their shareholders. Comb’s campaign is heavily funded by these people as is the Governor, Lieutenant governor, Attorney General, Agricultural commissioner and all relevant Judges. The Texas elections are critically important to the nation and Texas is the starting point for the NAFTA superhighway. More on This Issue(

Let me show you how we can win:

Find out more about this critical race: Texans: How One Victory Can Send a Shockwave Heard Across the Nation

My interview with Ed Lindsay: Interview: Ed Lindsay, Green Party Candidate for Texas Comptroller

This is an image of a small PDF sign that people can place on their cars, trucks, at work, grocery store, lawn, etc... to get the word out.

I am not only saying how to do it, I am working on developing the tools people can use to make it happen. If you have any ideas that can help, please let me know.

Remember: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The only way we can win against an establishment that is united behind the scenes is to unite ourselves.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by AP-Chris

Green party should be renamed Red party, because those guys view peoples' private property as their own.

If you want a good candidate on taxes, why not vote for the person who wants to abolish them?

Of course, that would be ridiculous.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by mnemeth1
reply to post by AP-Chris

Green party should be renamed Red party, because those guys view peoples' private property as their own.

If you want a good candidate on taxes, why not vote for the person who wants to abolish them?

Of course, that would be ridiculous.

First, the Republican is all for taking property. The Democrats don't oppose the Republican so they are no better.

Second, the Libertarian Candidate (Mary Ruwart) has no qualifications to do the actual job and doesn't even mention on her own website that she is running for office:

Political Parties are not going to fix things People are.

The best Person for the job is Ed Lindsay.

What would be ridiculous is voting for somone who puts so little of themselves into running for office that they don't even mention it on their own website.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 02:26 AM
reply to post by AP-Chris

I happen to own property at both ends of the NAFTA highway route: I was born and raised in Texas, and own a small ranch outside San Antonio. I currently live in Indiana, a stone's throw from where IH 69 will be the final leg of the highway.

Indiana has already sold the rights to its Northern toll road to this private consortium. The State took in hundreds of millions of dollars up front, which it is using for other infrastructure and social (e.g. health care) projects. The consortium is responsible for maintaining a heavily-traveled system, mostly used by long-haul truckers.

As for Texas, I see no evidence that Combs is taking property without just compensation. Eminent domain is a very lucrative practice for attorneys representing short-changed landowners who get windfalls from juries for their land; which was used to support the economic explosion in Texas in the late '80s and '90s. I saw many landowners become millionaires overnight - most notably the struggling Mexican American immigrant owner of a taco stand that was taken for development, and who pocketed more than $4million for his taco stand.

Your thread cites only yourself as authority, and appears to be a blatant political advertisement and rallying call for your favorite position, candidate, "reporting" and blogs.

Moreover, your own linked blog creates the false impression that land is being taken without compensation, then given away to private companies:

Basically, the government uses eminent domain to acquire land from citizens to allow private companies to build toll way projects where citizens have to pay to drive on. The toll way profits, of course, going to the private company.

That is blatantly misleading at best, and more likely, intentionally deceptive.

In reality, people are paid what a commission of citizens determines to be fair value, or they can reject that and ask a jury to determine value. You are intentionally leaving out vital parts of the E.D. process to further your political candidate, and your blogs and agenda.

In addition, the land is not given to private parties, IT IS SOLD by the State! If the State is not getting fair value, then you may have an issue, but again you completely ignore the reality "on the ground" as a means of bolstering someone's campaign.

As for end-use, the toll way will be mostly used by international truckers, NOT commuters or ordinary locals. Why shouldn't they pay to drive fast through our state?

I do not know who either candidate is, and will be voting in Indiana this year. In 2 years, I will drive down the NAFTA highway directly from Indiana to Texas to see how things turned out.

In the mean time, why don't you try to add some facts to your campaigning.

Start with: What's been taken so far? What was paid? What happened to the land? What benefits accrue to the state? What benefits accrue to the adjoining landowners, and former landowners? What does the consortium pay and receive?

Curious minds want to know.

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