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Tropical Cyclone checklist

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 03:53 PM
On another thread, Hurricane Watch 2010, I mentioned that I might post our TC checklist. It's a long document, and it dovetails with other hurricane-related lists that I maintain, so I thought I'd create a new thread and post a link in the above thread, rather than muddy it up with my ramblings.

For me, this is survival, and with most such lists, it's crafted specifically for our situation. We started this list in 1994, when we moved to the Caribbean. Because I'm responsible for boarding up others who can't do it themselves, the list helps to keep things in order for me when TC's approach. It's undergone many changes; we rarely follow it to the letter, however almost always amend it after going through a hurricane. When I have more time, I'll post here our supplies checklist. I don't have all the answers, even for m'Bride and I, and the only reason for posting this is the hope that it might do somebody some good.

A note or two: ESC in my notes is the Essential Services Committee. Search&Rescue falls under this umbrella, as well as visitor transportation (in the event of evacuation), and other related committees. BOB=bugout bag, which is actually an old wood-frame backpack. Most of the rest of our portable supplies are in three large plastic dive boxes. The cave we occasionally use is a public cave. The government here prefers that people go to established shelters, as they can be accounted for there. For us, there's nothing like having 20+ feet of rock over your head and at least 45 feet of elevation for a sense of safety. Our house is a mere 12 feet above sea level, and while we've added many features to make it stronger, there's nothing that can withstand the sea when she gets a mind to crush everything. Hide from the wind, run from the sea.


1) laundry
2) yard crap – haul away or secure in shed
3) check generator/fuel/30 wt. oil for genny/ three heavy-duty cords
4) secure genny shed.


1) prior to or at Watch – close up shutters; wait on doors
2) Contact ESC. visitor transport? meeting?
3) Keep pets indoors
4) Check kits/supplies/BOB and verify contents
5) Charge batteries and powerpack
6) Charge cell phones/verifty they have enough $$ on them
7) Fill both 55 gallon drums, treat water, seal and secure under potting area.
8) Verify inside 30 gallons are still good.
9) Make sure propane tank is strapped.
10) Fill van and car gas tank.
11) Take down PV panels/frame and secure in storage room. Verify that solar collector brackets are still good.
12) Stow lawn furniture
13) Make certain important papers are in plastic and in BOB, along with zip drives of photos, wedding book, important books.
14) Make sure we have adequate ice
15) Verify food supplies/booze.
16) Check DC fans.
17) Verify lumber stack straps are secure.
18) Yard tools in north side of shed.
19) Check roof cables.
20) Call (people for whom I’m responsible for boarding up) , arrange schedule. Remind them of FOFO policy


1) Switch cistern valves to take them off-line/ fasten lids.
2) Take down wind genny. Make sure genny and PV breakers are off. Leave on 24V to fridge and freezer
3) Fasten cover over water pumps.
4) Close shutter on potting area.
5) Bring fasteners/tools/chainsaw and small fuel container inside. Verify bar oil is full.
6) Bring a dozen drywall buckets inside.
7) Pack van with BOB, water, three plastic boxes of TC supplies.
8) Close soffit vents sliders.
9) Nestle the car close to the house with van as protector, facing outward.
10) Make sure visqueen, tarps seal-n-peal, fasteners are toward the front of shed. Fasten doors of shed.
11) Unplug everything (AC) Cover appliances/tv/PC etc. with garbage bags.
12) Pack clothing into giant ziplocks, and store in van.
13) Pack bedding into giant ziplocks and store in van.
14) Put guitars in contractor bags, tape tight.
15) Fill large coolers with ice and put in van.
16) Put giant bag of ziplocked TP in van.
17) Make sure meds and first aid kit is in the van.
18) Two spare tires in van/fixaflat from car.
19) Barometer and WindScribe in glove box.
20) Close shutters on deep beds.
21) Secure tub cover.
22) Secure battery/pv electronics locker.
23) Secure main doors and door shutters.
24) Phone conference with ESC


1) DC fans in van w/two 12v batteries/cables
2) Notify top two of communications tree, and ESC
3) Haul supplies to cave. [Bride] stays there with cats.
4) Turn off propane.
5) Turn off main power breakers, except 24V to F&F.
6) Leave note on inside front door.
7) Make final notifications to Mom, Dad, and comm.. tree
8) Go! Pray!


1) Move main food box and 5 gallons of water from van to cave.
2) Move WindScribe and Barometer to cave/BOB
3) Move Chainsaw and fuel, machetes, axe, rope and rescue ring bag to cave.
4) Move air mattress, radio, cell phones, Baygen, powerpack to cave.
5) Move portatoilet, two buckets, two lids to cave – put in side room/hang curtain.
6) Ensure that vent is still open.
7) Set up in upper room, if not already occupied; fire up lights on Baygen.

ESC members and numbers:


Other numbers


posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 04:28 PM
You have incredible courage and amazing forethought for storms... this is a great thread.

Number 15.....Verify food supplies/booze.

Some might laugh at the "booze" part but it's really an important item... we were out far in the gulf and stopped at a remote island full of shellfish shells... I cut my foot really bad... thank goodness I had wine on board... I poured it on my injury... shells can cause very bad bacterial infections that can spread easily through your body... anyway, point is I healed fine and never got an infection.

I can't believe you hide in a cave... omg... how brave!

I do have many things that I've had since Frances hit but honestly not enough.


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