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Tax cuts deal!

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 12:25 AM
OK, the current yip yap that MSM is trying to peddle down our throats is tax cuts for the rich or 43 Tax cuts expiring soon so why is the nation under fury and ire over protecting some rich schmuck who has been keeping the money and not dispersing it.

My thing is if you provide a job for an American is that you should get some type of break on taxes as that money is then reinterred into the economy for which it was born. I however do not support giving tax breaks to any company who will take an American out of thier job and replace it with a foriegner. The fact that this nation was founded by foriegners in this case doesn't matter as the nation needs her best and brightest to continually shine as that is what makes this the land of oppourtunity.

Why is there a major push to keep the very thing that keeps the nation afloat as we all were conned into beleiving?

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 08:39 AM
Just to make sure you get the right wording here, this is not about TAX CUTS, this is about TAX INCREASES.

See my thread here on THAT subject.

Tell me folks, do you really believe the uber rich pay their share of individual income taxes? They have the ability to use all of those thousands of pages of the IRS code to implement their tax avoidance tricks provided to them by our government.

If you think RAISING taxes during a depression is a good idea, you are economically ignorant.

Decreasing spending is the only way to balance the budget. Period.

The government provides or produces nothing. They only take. Just keep pouring dollars into that hole, that should help. /s The ignorance of those that follow the warped Keynesian beliefs is mind boggling. Keynes himself would be railing on the actions this government has been taking.

The OP's argument has nothing to do with reality. I love how the academicians are all now running back to their tenured positions, now that they have not only failed to do anything right, they have made things WORSE.

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