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Education = Solution to All of Americans Problems

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:21 PM
We live in a time where more than any civilization before us, common folk can become successful. Only with an education can you make any progress in modern life. Without education you become a drone; a piston of the engine that is the modern, global economy. You become a slave to the system, solely existing to pay your taxes. To pay your rent, for gas, and the disgustingly, unhealthy fast food that is American Cuisine. There is a fee to live in modern America. Money is working against us. There is a very noticeable gap between rich and poor. As this gap widens, a # storm of increases in costs and expenses puts a heavier burden on normal people. The elites have successfully turned America into a very confused, dumbed-down slave state. The elite own the banks and multinationals. They own the political spectrum. They own you. But there is a great hope......

Education moves mountains. It is a waste of life to live in a state of blank. What is happening to America? The population has been successfully dumbed-down. They have been intentionally confused at the amusement of the powerful elite that are the real kings of the globe. Why are so many Americans allowing this to happen? The answer is simple....most of them do not know any better.

Education is the key to regaining back America. If people turned off their televisions, ate healthier, and exercised they might actually be able to focus. The modern 'bread and circus' is a poison that is ruining us. We need more people to go to college because specialization is the future. Education is the key to success.The whole of America needs to get serious before the American dream turns into nightmare.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:39 PM
That's exactly why we are dumbed down. Because education is the key to prosperity.

They don't want us to prosper, they want us to collapse in failure.

But knowledge is contagious. So keep spreading it.

Each of us individually can educate at least one other person. It's up to us to save our own nation.

Institutions like schools are the problem, because they are being used to indoctrinate rather than educate.

People go to the University to get a degree to get a good job, not to learn knowledge and academia.

The Library is free, costs nothing. Yet almost no one visits it. The only people there generally are those who want to use the free computers-internet. And that's pretty sad. All those books are getting dusty.

You can learn more in a library than you can in any school.

But people don't care about knowledge, they only care about money typically. Which is pretty sad.

Oh well, I like your thread and starred and flagged it so that hopefully other people will read your great post. Thanks for sharing your ideas, it's really important and I would like others to join in on the discussion.

Your thread topic is Win.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:47 PM

Originally posted by Values_Truth
We need more people to go to college because specialization is the future. Education is the key to success.

We need to fix our colleges first though.

The corporations have taken over, and tons of garbage gets pushed through purely to indoctrinate people into becoming good servants, workers, etc.

For example the way the Pharmaceutical corporations indoctrinate future doctors to pass out prescriptions like candy, especially drugs that are very possibly dangerous with tons of adverse side effects.

And then anyone who dares question these highly questionable pharmaceutical drugs gets attacked relentlessly and character assassinated.

We need to get these corporation's influence under control. They are a big part of the problem we are facing.

Don't get me wrong, the University is perhaps in it's best form yet, historically. Better than it's ever been, in terms of education.

But we still have a long way to go. We still have tons of issues to grapple with and problems to solve.

If we can fix our educational institutions, we could save our nation from utter failure, this much I can see is true.

Don't think I am against the University, I am just seeking to improve it by removing the bad influences that are damaging it from within. I went to the Univ for 4 years. Some classes were excellent. Others were clearly motivated by corporate money interests. This needs to be addressed in order to better solve our problems as a society.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:52 PM
Public education is nothing more than a long arduous process of making everyone hate to learn. You are so busy doing pointless things called 'homework' that you can't actually learn anything.

We need a system of education, where information is freely available to everyone in every subject. Obviously there would still need to be expert input on the subject, to qualify whether or not theories or ideas have any validity, but alternative ideas should still get a mention.
Instead of a set code of boring junk for 17 years that will by and large be forgotten, we need a system where everyone is self educated, but still can benefit from experts and peers. It would be more difficult, and less regulated, but the intelligence of the country would climb rather quickly. Instead of good grades, actual intelligence and expertise would determine your work. Many would not educate themselves, but at least everyone else wouldn't be dragged down with the idiots, which is what happens nowadays.

I know this is horrible to say, but having 'special needs' children in regular classes is a complete joke. It drags the class down, and quite frankly I found it disturbing.
I know, I'm such a horrible person for saying what I think, but its true.

We need to go back to merit based discrimination. Don't dumb down education because everyone is stupid. Most people shouldn't even go on past middle school really. They don't even know the information anyway, why waste the prime years of everyone's life with pointless drivel?

"Wasn't long ago politicians were talking about giving kids a head start. Hmmmm, head start, left behind, someone's losing #ing ground here!" -George Carlin

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 04:56 PM
Thanks for your guys responses. Clearly there is a consensus among many that the K-12 public school system is a joke. How do we take back the education system from hands of corporate interests and reinvigorate the drive to learn in children that is so key to a successful nation?

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