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What would you do if you were framed for crime ?

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 02:41 AM
***If you did nothing wrong the following info is exclusively designed for this only and must not, ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT be used to evade capture from any law enforcement agency anywhere across the planet, but make no mistake and have no illusion that if you are a wanted felon by The United States Federal Government means that if they want you they will get you!***

1. Make a video of yourself explaining your situation, make 5 copies of it, Keep one with your family, send 1 to the media, bring 1 to your lawyers and keep the 4th in a safe place, place the 5th copy with someone you can trust.

2. Shut your trap and say nothing if detained or occostered as if occostered be polite, kind and nice and do not ever be threateneing, harrassing or hostile as that will guarantee that what they seek they will get. Invoke your 5th Amendment "right to prevention against self incrimination" ask for a lawyer and say nothing. Let them talk until they are blue in the face. React to nothing, stay cool, calm and collected. Once you react they know they've got you exactly where they want you.

3. Make sure if you are in fact under survielance to have someone follow your car and to watch you entre and exit everywhere you are because one who pays attention to thier surroundings instead of being completely oblivious to this fact stand a considerably better chance in preventing a kidnapping/"snatch and grab" from occuring. Call the friend up to do a reconnaissance mission (recon) of the area.

4. If you are occostered by suspicious individuals stay in well lit, well traveled areas and NEVER EVER ALLOW ANYONE TO FORCE YOU TO PULL OFF INTO EITHER AN ABANDONDED BUILDING, VACANT LOT, DIMLY LIT STREET. If in suburbia avoid the neighbourhoods as that will be the last parcel of property you ever go to. Find a shopping mall, a big box retailer (Walmart, KMart, Target, Home Depot, etc.), a large transportation hub and dissapear in the crowd. Cause a distraction if no other outlet is availible. Unfortunately, no Federal agent/official is required to identify either themselves or who they work for as that ruling only applies to State/Commonwealth, County/Parish, Local law enforcement.Drive around the lot in circles and force them to plow into other vehicles if nessecary. Train tracks are another great getaway area, if you encounter a quarter mile long train procession that's traveling at 15mph and if you can get to the crossing before the train comes you can get at least a 15 minute head start or gap. Find a parking lot or a parking garage. Go to the second to highest level and pull over, exit vehicle and abandon it if nessecary.

5. Dump and discard your cell phone, laptop, blackberry, internet enabled personal data assistant, any other potable uploadable media outside of an mp3 player. If you can get back home before they do, stash all of this but your laptop (this will allow you to monitor the news feeds if it appears on the web pertaining to your case in a safe spot at your house and pack 3 suitcases and enough food (non perishables only) for at least a week. Do not use any plastic as any transaction you make will be made availible to those seeking it in under 60 seconds. They only need your laptop or cellphone with internet to be on for as little as 2 minutes and they can track you down in less then 5 minutes afterwards. Take yourself off the grid completely and you leave them chasing thier tails. Empty your chequing or savings accounts and use that to live off of. Get a facial disguise in the event you must travel via the interstate system or any multi state, or in state highways. Use paper and metal currency everywhere. Do not evade the fare and always pay all fares.

6. Change your daily routine as all someone needs is your routine down pat and all they've gotta do is pull over at an intersection and wait and within minutes usually they've got you lock, stock and barrel with little or no effort of thier part.

7. Do not under any circumstance take it upon yourself to bring any unessecary attention to yourself. Observe and obey any and all traffic laws. Become the model citizen.

8. Cars nowadays are being equipped with cameras on both the front and rear and if your car has this allow the person to get within camera range of your car and record the plate number as well as the make and model as I'm sure there is a harddrive on board the car that records all of the video info the camera's pick up.

9. Availible at most any decent electronics shop or spy retailer is pinky nail sized or smaller video cameras. Affix one to your clothing, one to your car, one to your hat if you wear hats or headwear. Keep the harddrive that the camera is affixed to in your car trunk or uploads to a laptop. This doesn't require the internet to run in order to connect, send and recieve film from the cameras to the laptop.

10. Most importantly, if you can find an open police department or Governmental building go in there, if there is no real threat then they will not dare to entre the Govt facility. Execution or implementation of anything listed here that results instantly in someone not being a threat to national security whose no longer being followed means unequivocally that you were not as a severe a target as they'd claim that someone is.

edit on 10-9-2010 by TheImmaculateD1 because: Added info! D1!

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

TheImmaculateD1......Thats some very knowledgeable info there, thanks for taking the time to post, now either you've seen to many movies or have had an "experience" ?

I will definitely take note of what you've said.....Being in the UK it may be easier to evade capture, then again our little island is swarming with CCTV so maybe that disguise would come in handy....maybe a burkha

I'd fit in really well then

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

4. If you are occostered by suspicious individuals stay in well lit, well traveled areas and NEVER EVER ALLOW ANYONE TO FORCE YOU TO PULL OFF INTO EITHER AN ABANDONDED BUILDING, VACANT LOT, DIMLY LIT STREET.

This advice goes for robberies and hostage situations as well. Classes I have taken with police forces for my job always recommend being docile and agreeable to a robber or a hostage taker. Give in to all their demands except for one. NEVER NEVER leave with a robber, kidnapper, hostage taker! If they are going to harm you, make them do it right there in front of witnesses and in an area that help is likely to come quickly. Do not leave with them and risk getting injured or killed in a remote area with no help.

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 06:34 PM
That's tricky.

If I have any remaining evidence of such a conspiracy yet not made public, I'd do my best to get it out at that time. Preferably through some indirect channel.

If there's a particular group or cause I believe in, I may have to disassociate from them for the sake of their public reputation. (It sucks, but consider it a necessary sacrifice.)

Other than that, the rest is hard to say. How well you do may depend on your known character and what modicum of public respect you had before the smear campaign and character assassination began. Things that can trip you is having broken some other laws to achieve your means (but you're not on trial for them), or even on your own inflated ego. Not to mention that any vices you may have may also be used to weaken your alibi.

I suppose you could look at the examples of Peter Bethune or the ongoing case with Julian Assange.

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