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Uncommon News Source

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 03:59 PM
From an uncommon source it reveals that there shall be a huge nuclear war between all those countries with plenty nuclear weapons and external military occupations.

The uncommon source reveals this 9-11 here in U.S. some hour in the different time zones is CORRECTLY right when.

An uncommon source which reveals NOT its name I am finding more creditable than some source which goes BLUNTLY by, say, a form of popularity.

Anybody else buy this uncommon news besides me?

My only cool news for myself is that I wont even be in U.S. during this 9-11. I am having a team meeting over in a different country. This meeting is a lively meeting because of its nature. I am looking highly forward concerning it. Will be a lot of live entertainment, and fine and expensive cigar tasting, and expensive wine sipping. Certainly very likeable women there will be joining me in some very smoothing times. If something should happen toward this sellout ass U.S, I at least have a second home.

In honor and rememberance of: Three Blind Mice. The Three Amigos. Just before part 2 of the 3rd war, since you and I understand part 1 of the 3rd war been 9-11 all along. The nick names of this source is Danger Mouse and Mighty Mouse.

The way I look at this 9-11:

But part 1 of 3rd war: Tuesday, Sept 11 2001 (First plane hit without visual warning at: 8:46 am est, First plane hit with visual warning at: 9:03 am est)... part 2 of 3rd war: Saturday, Sept 11 2010 (First warning of incoming missiles at: 8:46 am est, First bombing of missiles at: 9:03 am est) of My Team day (Sunday, Sept 12 2010) more than one hour (First Gathering Significant Moment At: 9:49 am, First Revengeful Significant Moment At: 10:06 am ) knowing Radicial Men, Void, but My excessive phoney against Wise should not void.

R.I.P. to everybody in U.S. this 9-11. U.S. got it coming long time in the making, says the secondary placement of the "1" in this very year's number which unscrambles into another 2001.

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 04:10 PM
Can I have a link to the uncommon source so that I may become informed too?

Just a thought maybe they go unnamed so they don't have to deal with questions.

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