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NEWS: Castro warns Bush against pre-emtive strike.

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posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 05:47 AM
On Monday, Castro warned Bush not to launch any attacks on the island or it will provoke another mass exodus like the 1980 Mariel boatlift when he allowed 125,000 Cubans to leave the island.

Castro Warns Bush Against Launching Attack

"Do not try crazy adventures such as surgical strikes or wars of attrition using sophisticated techniques because you could lose control of the situation," Castro said in a speech addressed specifically to Bush before the morning.

"You could shatter the immigration agreement and provoke a mass exodus that we would not be in a position to prevent, and you could bring about an all-out war between young American soldiers and the Cuban people," he said. "That would be very sad."

"You would never be able to win that war," the Cuban leader said. "Here you will not find a divided people."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It is estimated that around 200,000 Cubans were rounded up from their jobs and schools like it is always expected to happen when Castro makes one of his speeches. Althou that news article does not state the Cuban demonstration as a "roundup" it is has always been a policy of the Castro regime to do so to make the world believe all Cubans agree with him.

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posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 09:53 AM
I can tell you first hand, as I have been to Cuba many many times, and have many close friend in Cuba, that all the people that attend the rallies in Cuba are not forced to go...on the contrary. Most Cuban's are proud to support their country, and the last thing they want is a US style government.

Cuba is a wonderful, peacefull country. No country has the right to force another country to change their ways just because they don't agree with it.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 10:05 AM
Sorry to tell you that's bs. I am a Cuban-American and I used to be rounded up with the rest of Cuban kids in the schools close to La Habana. Everytime there is one of Castro speeches people around have to leave their jobs and attend. Those that do not attend are written up and many have lost their jobs in the past for not attending. Kids from schools are rounded up in crowded school buses,which are only used for these meetings. I still have family in Cuba so do not try to sell me that bs.

If Cuba was such a peaceful and wonderful country why so many of my people bet their lives and the lives of their kids trying to reach the US in whatever way they can?....many have died drowned, died of thirst or eaten by sharks....

I know there are some members in here that seem to be sympathyzers of communism or of Castro, thinking he is a good man.. That man is an assasin as stated even by members of his family and his own daughter included. she had to leave Cuba because of the way she felt about what her father has been doing...

It is true that some Cubans are communists and because of this most communists hold high paying jobs, better and bigger houses and also better food which are given by Castro for being loyal, but the majority of the Cuban people would leave Cuba or make a change in the government of Cuba if they could.

The problem with making another revolution in Cuba is that Castro took all the guns from the people and even the police do no go to their houses with their guns. Not all police officers have guns either, and only those that have proven to be loyal to the regime and Fidel are able to have a gun with them at all times, and those are very few.

Every block in Cuba has a CDR, or "Comite de Defensa de la Revolucion." (Defense Commitee of the Revolution) Which purpose is mostly to keep an eye on the rest of the people in the block and report anything that might be considered a threat to the revolution, including speaking against Fidel.

In the past it was more effective as now less people are loyal to the regime. My mother used to have to stand on guard, which is another of the jobs of the CDR, with an old rifle and one bullet once a week, and she was a nurse. Older regular people were selected to do guard duty everyday. I am not sure if that exists anymore. Now people are more than ever just trying to find food to put in their tables, and even then many Cubans go without eating for days.

That is the truth of part of what is happening in Cuba.

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