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Globalization is at odds with the environment

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 05:05 PM
Everything sold comes from somewhere else, some other country or state or place
And the products that are grown, harvested or collected are sold elsewhere
And like the New Zealand crayfish which costs less in another country than you can purchase
It its origin country you need to ask why.

Why does food and products travel the world and still cost the same or less how can that work financially?
Does this process cause oil to be used shipping goods that could be made locally?
Heavy fuel oils the stuff that is left over after you have processed petroleum products, you know the crap left over well that’s used to power the engines of the huge container ships that move this product and the amount of shipping and the quality of fuel creates almost as much damage to the environment as the total amount of cars combined
Carbon tax these ships and the cost of shipment of goods in today’s global market place, across the oceans to make these goods available, would make them more expensive than locally made products.
This creates a society where local goods are consumed locally and travel miles before sale are saving the environment from carbon and sulphur and other dangerous particulates.
When trade is regulated on its environmental impact it has to be cheaper to make and send to the country the product before it’s financially viable to sell in that market. In a free trade environment this creates a massive shipping effort with the consumption of very dirty heavy fuel oils
Can anyone explain why ships are exempt from carbon taxes or exhaust regulations?
Why are people funding pollution to do themselves out of local jobs when a carbon tax on shipping stops the flow of jobs to nations with lower wages?

especially if its damaging the environment


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