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Love Undefined

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 01:40 PM
If I were to describe love, if I were to personify it and engender it with words, if I were to commit to capture the feeling and paint a picture in the mind's eye this would be the closest definition I could possibly scrawl and stroke with words. Yet I atrociously fail in defining the words true meaning.

It could be compared to the grace of water. Untamed and fluid yet holding form and flexible. Shapeless yet still recognizable and sensitive to the touch as love is to emotional bonds and heartfelt sensation. We can't physically touch love nor can we give it form for it resides deep within the abyss of our uncharted souls. However, even though we can feel it like most feel intution or other related human phenomena, we recognize it's immense molding and unfathomable power over our previously established attitude, self, ego and ideals when its presence is harnessed accordingly.

It is like God in a sense comparable like man's millions of differing view's on such could be compared to the different and still similar feelings exhumed from the human condition by each individual experiencing love. It could also be compared to God when thinking about the differing ways man tries to describe something not ever fully understood, trying to describe the indefinitely and forever undefineable. It is similar in thought but radically different in form and individual circumstance it seems when by chance any man or woman poorly expresses their foolishly built perspective on something so illusively wonderful and amazing.

love is an emotion but in it's fullest bloom and peak intensity it cannot be associated with human dealings or even correlated and categorized with fear, lust, hate joy and such for it is in a category of it's own but only when at its peak and in its most pure form.

When consumed by the amplitude of love, the harsh and far reaching appendages of reality are sublimely subdued and fade out of direct and peripheral awareness entirely as if that rarely unique and time frozen event had been summoned subconsciously with a ferocity unparalelled and savage enough to drown out all else that would distract.

Never did I know I could be so lost in a torrent of flowing, ebbing, cascading and ceaseless emotion and never did I know I could be so lost within such an uncontrollable and unpredictable landscape of joy and still somehow manage to be so blissfully satisfied in a euphoric neverland teeming with sheer wonder in the same paradoxical fashion.

Never I'd have guessed such an array of colors could voluntarily bleed from all prism's of light by prviveleged companionship and enter my existence, thoughts and heart. Never I'd guess that the best things in life are hidden in plain sight, only timely camoflauged to unveil when I'm blessed enough to have and be a part of them.

It's as if I were malnourished before such events occured leading up to love and now that I recognize such a previous lack of emotional nutrients I will nurture it softly like a gardener cares for a rose with appropriate water and warm, soft sunshine.

Therefore, what a parent feels for a child, what family feels for eachother, what a companion feels for another cannot be so simply termed, cannot so deftly be named and cannot so insipidly be used with 1 syllable lest it be mocked into having it's truest essence sucked from the beauty that is the myriad and plethora of itself. Yet still we have a defined and limited method of expression that binds us to our world and our wordly attempt at describing something entirely other wordly.

Alas, this alien and godly experience that we cage within a 4 lettered word is our most vibrant form of enunciating such a rapture and the peak of our existence. Doomed to it's simplicity but so astounding it remains.

With my forethoughts and my lack of proper ways to describe such I accept the fate of my trained tongue, in that when I say I love you, I speak but a word but mean, live, feel and ultimately wish I could express so much more.

Little things bring about and surface the deepest meaning of this existential anomaly. The entirety of you alone, that even you don't recognize has the uncanny ability to anchor acceptance and adoration in my heart forever and always. Areas others might consider weakness or weird are the character and key components that make you so unique and adorable to me, for I would never trade them for anything in this world.

While the sun lazily recedes behind the stretching landscape it is caught setting in the reflection of your eyes. I'm given a reminder comparable to the breeze bathed flowers recently damp from the dawns morning dew when I smell your hair. Our relationship seems like the crossfire of fates entwined like the years work of a garden of creepers in which, the insurmountable odds stacked against them managing to meet and wrap vines together fail on purpose, perfectly. It's as if the universe structured and constructed the perfect circumstance to allow us to be and then unraveled the scroll of fate with a soft and delicate hand within a window of opportunity that would seem impossible to translate or utilize just right, yet it did.

I will always have you etched into my soul like a petroglyph and like a fossil that has stood the test of time through each harsh and vicious earth changing apocalypse.

Like the towering pyramidal facades of Giza pierce the sky with their silent, controlled and tempered monolithic presence despite hundreds of years of turmoil, weathering and erosion, I will stand as such while the world crumbles and fades around us because I dearly, unconditionally and exceptionally love you.

~My Morning Dove~

[edit on 2-9-2010 by Crossfate]

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 01:44 PM
How would the rest of you define love? All replies welcome.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 09:26 AM
God . . . that was good reading.
You are one with your soul . . . when YOU . . love.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 10:07 AM
It came upon me from within. An inner aura brought on by . . what ? I'm
not sure, but it was suddenly there. Strength and weakness at the same
time. Vivid awareness. Happiness with a string attached. And though my
senses were heightened, I felt more vulnerable.

I laid my head in her lap, feeling her long hair brush my face as she reached
to pick a flower. It's fragrance was wonderful and embracing. Heady.
So this is love . . . aaah.

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