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The Current BANKING BOOM, the Envitable BUST and the end of money !!

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posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 08:06 AM
Hello all

I don't normally post on this Meltdown thread but I read about the current Banking Boom and wondered if this is the Final 'nail in the Coffin' of Money ???

It relates to information released today from the Bank of England and the Bank for International Settlements, commonly reffered to as the'Bankers Bank'.

According to the results of their latest triennial survey, global foreign exchange turnover rose 20% to $4trn per day on average (yes, that's each single day) in April 2010 compared with April 2007.

Or to put it another way, a sum equivalent to the entire output of the global economy is traded around once a fortnight on currency markets.

This might sound good and the full article (wriiten by Robert Peston, BBC Biz Ed), illustrates that London as a centre for these 'money transactions' is doing a ROARING trade.....


the first thing to point out is that a tiny fraction of this business is carried out on behalf of "non-financial" businesses - or what some would describe as "real" companies (you know the sort of thing I mean - businesses that make cars, or create music, or sell advertising, rather than trading in dematerialised, electronic money on a screen).

These non-financial companies were responsible for just 13% of forex transactions, their lowest proportion for 12 years.

What this is really saying is that the Banks are at it again, gambling with money and NOT supporting or Creating REAL SOLID PROPER companies.........

A few money dealers, hedge fund managers et al are all out for themselves.........Sound Familar ?????

Is this the final market the money men can 'drain' and MY question is if all the Traders etc are making HUGE profits and Returns then WHO IS LOSING OUT HERE?

There must be a loser for every winner ?????


PurpleDOG UK

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 08:16 AM
Well, to institute a new system we must be saved from the damage of this system. So they must milk this system to the max before it does the maximum amount of damage, then when this system collapses, the new system can rise from the ashes:
"Never again" they will say... just like they said before...
You will be safe for ever...
Just give us the head of your first born...

papers please,
vot ist your buyingselling number?

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 09:26 AM
Don't forget Cap and Trade. This is going to be the next" big thing, sucking the life out of the planet.

The banks are incredibly irresponsible. They have set up so many schemes, that they probably almost imagine they can just go on forever, as schemes collapse, they are already three steps on to the next ones, that are ever bigger, so they can cover the previous insanity.

Banks are legal entities, officially allowed to create money, out of thin air. That's what "fractional" banking is about. They take in a few bucks from the sheeple, and are allowed to "multiply" it beyond all reason. And on top of that, they are taking their vast "multiplied" stash of virtual cash, and literally "gambling" with it, on a titanic scale.

Banks are "churning" money like there's no tomorrow, and at the rate they're going, there may be no tomorrow for the beasts.

But here we should take a step back, and really ask ourselves if it is all by design. And the answer is "most likely".

Of course, our masters would be all too happy to let the whole big fraud come tumbling down. Who really would get hurt in the process?

Think about it. A bank has so-many percent "reserves" (depending upon your nation), has taken in so much in deposits from "real" people / companies, but the bulk of what they "produce", have on their books as "assets", are the loans they put out, money created, legally leveraged out of thin air.

And so, if a bank goes under, or better yet, if so many go under that the small "insurance" window-dressing is overwhelmed, then who is really out" money?

Little people. Small companies. The ones who put in, who were just trying to take care of their daily transactions, etc. The banks, well, "their" portion was always the made-up part, wasn't it?

SO, when the music stops, and everyone rushes for the few chairs, who is left standing there with their thumb in their _ , wondering why there are so few chairs?

Here's one example, out of many, where just a few banks, literally control a commodity: Silver.

How many know that just a few banks have been given the power to control silver, keeping it's price largely where they want it, influencing future mine production, skimming off guaranteed profits, year, after year, after year. "Theoretically", what they are doing is ILLEGAL. But in spite of heroic efforts to stop them, the "authorities" always side with the few big banks. And this has gone on for over half-a-century!

Many schemes.

Again, the next big one is Cap and Trade. The wealthy elite are about to literally tax the entire globe. Trillions in human productivity will be sucked into their massive coffers. The ultimate cost? Could be something that finally tips us all into a huge hot war!

As bad as it is, it is likely to get even worse, before it gets better. Hang on to your hats, but better yet, gets some precious metal, if you have any savings at all, protect what you have. Our masters would literally steal candy from a baby. Don't underestimate them.


posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 09:32 AM

Originally posted by PurpleDog UK
There must be a loser for every winner ?????

as is in this case

MULTIPLE losers for every winner.

This is very disturbing as I was also reading
another article this morning of the updated
number of failed banks have risen to


The OP article is bad for 2 reasons:
1) It ushers in a new elitist controlled monetary system
2) More people will be out of work

At this rate, we probably won't have banks
in 5 yrs. Wonder how that is gonna work?
RFID chips??????

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 04:01 PM
Having just read another thread regarding the DOW rising by 200 points, much like most other markets, the suggestion in the media is that all is becoming better..............

How can it be when it's just a few money men gambling AGAIN on the Forex markets (as explained above) and making HUGE gains at the Expense of WHO ??

Is this yet another problem being stored up for you and I to pay Off later ?? ha ha ha...


PurpleDOG UK


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