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Can they just ban me for no reason other than personal dislike?

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 06:30 PM
So since I haven't been at the club I worked at previously I have tried to go in there as a PAYING customer with people who drop a ton of money and the manager who completely dislikes me won't let me in. He is making up stories about me to people and I feel it is slander and unfair. I have never done anything in there while working or otherwise to even remotely be banned. The only reason he won't let me in there is because he doesn't like me and everyone else does. If he lets me in there then in his eyes he has no power anymore. It's all about control with him believe me. I wasn't scared of him and he doesn't like that. He wants people to fear him and well I fear nobody. Sounds silly but think BIG ego with him. I never bowed down to his wishes and I won't. I don't care what business it is, I wasn't going to be treated the way he treated me. I havent been there in almost 3months and the times I want to go in, he isn't even there!!

I am getting really pissed off at this and so are a few other customers and people who work there. I have a few customers who have said if I went in with them and wasn't allowed in they would all leave as well and would not go back until I was allowed in. I know he is serious but I don't want to do that because that is stooping to their level, not mine. The manager told me he didn't want me as a customer when in reality it really hurts their bar by not letting me in. When I go out to hang out the tab is at least 300 dollars min because we always buy a bottle. So they are missing out on at least that. I can contact the owner if need be but I don't want to have to do that either but I will and have no problem with it I would just rather not. He is in another state and I don't want to bother him with this but I will not stand for this piece of earth scum
trashing me for no reason. I can't even defend myself and it's not like I am going to do anything wrong when I go in there. I wouldn't even say a word but hi to him. I am not a child and know how to behave. The fact that he is making into something it's not is very bothersome. What happened to me there when I stopped working I could have sued majorly but I didn't. I could have pressed charges but I didn't. I just left and went else where. I didn't want the hassle anymore..

So can he just ban me for personal reasons? Seriously if he is gonna continue I have plenty to use against him (legal wise, business practices) and I don't want to be like that but I can and will if needed. I don't like to be vindictive but I can when pushed to the limits. I keep very good records of certain things like this.

I just want to go hang out and see my friends nothing that so bad?!

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 08:44 AM
If it's a private business, then yep, they can exclude whomever they want, i.e. the velvet rope and all of that.

If you really feel it's slander, you should try and get some evidence to support it, perhaps, but really, probably a better solution to try and take your friends to some other club, and make IT the new thing...

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 10:35 AM
Not sure about the law where you are, but in the US there is a limited right to refuse service. That is, it better be a non-arbitrary refusal based upon a business reason and not violating the rights of a "federally protected class" according to the Federal Civil Rights Act (race, color, religion, national origin) or a handicapped person (Americans with Disabilities Act) etc etc. So in other words, it's complicated especially since some states have their own statutes.

If I was the owner, I'd consider it a personal favor to be informed of something like that. Sounds like the manager is costing him business. I'd tell him and sit back and wait. If he acts, you're good to go. If not, bleh. Find another place more accommodating and appreciative of your patronage.


posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 09:01 PM
I can confirm that the owner of a club can ban you for any reason he likes as long as it doesn't contravene sexual, racial or any other discrimination laws, you can ban people for wearing the wrong kind of shoes if you want.

Personally I have never felt the need to ban anyone from any club apart from a couple of times when acts of violence were involved. If someone is coming in, spending money and not hurting anyone then banning them is harming business

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