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Doing the polices job for them: can I bill them?

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 07:24 PM
Why would I post this here?

This is easy...

When you consider that the current state of affairs with the bigger city police departments.

To the supporters I challenge you to prove right NOW AND RIGHT HERE, that the american public has NO REASON to be upset about a seeming breakdown in police behavior.

It is a symptom of the weak leadership here (USA).

I can give the simplest of proof.

I watched a friend finally get the strength to report her rapist again.

Thats right right again and again the police have done nothing. CPS has done nothing. The feds have done nothing.

Its quite simple to break down

Her testimony alone I know is not enough to get him. It has been over a year.

This idiot has left a trail, including from his time in the marine core. Her command and his command buried it.

So much for not leaving a marine behind..

I believe her, here is where it gets interesting.

I am the first to admit that a woman can and will lie on this subject.

I have seen the lie first hand while I worked in the chaplains office. Please note I still insisted she get help with counseling over the issue.

(for the detail skeptics, she got the guy drunk, I was at the party it happened at, then her boyfriend found out. She did not touch a drink as she kept refilling his)

What is out there

His mother has made statements

He has been recorded on tape admitting to physical abuse

There might be a paper with his parental right being terminated FOR RAPE!!! I am in the process of looking for these. Its in texas only a lot of uncoordinated counties not sharing..

His other ex-wife is now a drug addict in ok jail.

He bragged to one of her friend who confirmed the bragging to me...

He threatened to come to texas and beat the crap out of one person, and drag her back.

BTW... reports where filed and the cops wont do a thing...

FBI notified..."Well thanks for coming by..."

Here is how I see it ending.. I am going to send him to meet his maker... after I torture the truth out of him.

I am working on an experimental model of the agony booth from star trek. I want to watch him squirm.

skip to 3:24...

My questions is this why am I having to do the initial investigation at all. I know anything I find a good lawyer will say that it is just a larger part of a revenge scenario.

Do the police here condone rape?

I have every right to be upset when who knows who this maniac may rape next. He has got away with it so far. All the police said on the dv and rape is, "You could have done that to yourself."

This I feel is the reason most people have hard time trusting police officers. It leads to a negative reinforcing loop of bad juju with the american public. In the end it adds to the overall madness.

One last question, how would you fix it. The only way I see justice is at the end of a rope for him...

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

well I know the gov is watching....

I would like to report the possibility of a serial rapist...I can give you his name and what evidence I have....

since your tracking ATS members now you can come to me...

I truly doubt you will do a damn thing.....

mods I do not apologize... If they are going to waste this countries money I want to see actual criminals go to jail...

on a side note, to the female agents on this site... Every minute you let o buy you increase the odds that another woman will be tied down.. Bound... Gagged... violated against her will..


She reported it at least three times herself... So to you female agents every time the prick touches a woman it might as well be you touching them..

"The meat buyer is as guilty as the butcher"


I want you to know I do not really expect you to do anything. Dunkin Donuts went 24hours...

Mods Yes I am starting something... if you find it too non-pc, let me know...

Rape is a very serious issue...

It makes me mad they have the time and energy to instigate issues but not to investigate real problems....

(I want to start the campaign for a middle finger button)

I call...

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 09:38 PM
I understand where you are coming from. It takes a lot of courage to ever go to the police and for them to do nothing is BS. It is because of situations like your friends why most women do not ever go to the police. They begin to believe "Why should I? It's not like they are going to anything anyways?" Whatever happen to that "serve and protect" thing??? I guess it died with common sense in this new PC world of ours.


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