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Game Camera Captures UFO Over Texas

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by Lisa12

Very exciting. I think if everyone just put cameras out we are bound to catch many things on film we cannot explain or that have only one possible explanation. The one we are all hesitant to admit.

I think we do not see some of these things in the sky for many reasons.

1. We don't look up that much.
2. We don't always register what we see (see also #5)
3. Things happen too fast for the naked eye to capture
4. If you are there at all it lessens the chance any being who is hiding will appear. This is why most interesting sightings are on security cameras going all night or motion activated infrared like this was.
5. I think sometimes we don't see things right in front of us that are too bizarre for the rational mind to accept. Cameras are indifferent and unemotional and don't miss anything.
6. I believe there are layers of physical planes or dimension these things are pulling in and out of. We can only see them in this earthly dimension.
7. I don't think they (spacecraft) are able to remain invisible indefinitely and when we do see them it is during the brief moment they are entering or leaving this plane or when they are powering up or down and loose a little of their invisibility.
I am setting my little flip camera up regularly now and I have got some unusual things too. Nothing like this.

Now I am going online to see what is the cheapest I can get a motion activated infrared because I think I am under a hot spot here in
FL. I don't know why I think that...
Hopeful? Naive?
Take your pick.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 02:35 AM

Originally posted by damwel
It was already discussed and turned out to be the cameras led lights reflecting off the case. You really thought that ufo just sat there for 2 hours watching a deer?

What you mean to say is that this is what one poster came up with right?

An anomaly. The red lights on the camera were playing back on the film? Come on. This to me is so unlikely as to be ridiculous. This camera needs to go back to the store if it is filming itself.

What makes you think the OP thinks the UFO was watching the deer?
For all you know there were two people making love in the field and the UFO was watching them! lol
A UFO was there. That is all that was implied. You don't believe it fine.
I see no need for condescension. People bringing information to be debunked should not be discouraged.
So far nobody has done that great a job convincing me it was anything other than a UFO.
But then I'm easy.
And I haven't read through the whole thread. Mort mentioned Phage and until he chimes in I remain skeptic of the skeptics.
Yes, it is true Phage does hold an unnatural amount of sway....not that I believe everything he says either. I do consider it. More than I can say for the one liners who use sarcasm to say almost nothing except "I disagree."

Be a little creative at least or stay home.

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 08:09 PM
So by now, we have all seen this debunked... It was camera lights reflecting. Anybody disagree?

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