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Famous Global Warming Skeptic Scientist admits "40 percent" of his funding comes from Big Oil

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 07:34 PM

Originally posted by mc_squared

Sorry but this is just another oil industry funded lie:
You can find a whole laundry list of these lies on

Sorry but that is nothing more than another lie by the multi-billion, if not already multi-trillion AGW scam...

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POINT OF NO RETURN...or "nature is balanced and we are puting too much CO2, that is BS because nature has had to deal with higher levels of atmospheric CO2 than at present and there was no "runaway global warming"...and neither Earth EVER become like Venus...

It is a FACT that CO2 LAGS temperature changes, the Earth began the current Climate Change cycle even as some parts of the world were still experiencing the LIA (Little Ice Age).

The Earth began warming hundreds of years before atmospheric CO2 levels began to increase.

The above is the Sargasso Sea temperatures which coincide with the overall global temperatures.

BTW, to those who are not familiar with this type of graph the year 0 is 1999, and btw the NATURAL Climate Change denialists that would like to claim that only ends in 1999, tell us have temperatures increase 2-4C since 1999?.... NO...

In the above graph the year 2000 is 2000 years from 1999 or the year 1 BC. in those times temperatures were A LOT HIGHER than they are now and people lived just fine and there were no "massive die-offs like the NATURAL CLimate Change denialists love to claim will happen...

Even global borehole temperatures show the "warming" started waaay before atmospheric CO2 levels began to increase.

Atmospheric CO2 levels did not begin to increase until the 19th century, and if we look further back we can find many other cycles of NATURAL Climate Change.

And if we look even further back we will find MANY cycles of NATURAL Climate Change from cool to warm cycles, and EVERY TIME atmospheric CO2 LAGGED behind temperatures by an average of 800 years.

Another thing of note is that during warming cycles water vapor levels increase globally, because a warmer atmosphere can contain more moisture/water vapor and this in turn causes even more warming.

This is the feedback effect which the environlunatics claim is occurring because of atmospheric CO2 when in fact it is water vapor, which is 99.99% natural, which causes this feedback effect.

But of course since there is no money to be made and they know that people would realize that no new laws, or controls will stop the natural wate vapor increase instead the policy makers, politicians, and the environlunatics claim that "it is all because of atmospheric CO2....

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by misinformational

And the claim that the world is going to end, and there will be massive die offs of species, and forests will die with warmer temperatures is antoher LIE from the AGW scammers.

Fossil boffins say that dense triple-canopy rainforests, home among other things to gigantic one-tonne boa constrictors, flourished millions of years ago in temperatures 3-5°C warmer than those seen today - as hot as some of the more dire global-warming projections.

The new fossil evidence comes from the Cerrejón coal mine in Colombia, previously the location where the remains of the gigantic 40-foot Titanoboa cerrejonensis were discovered. The snake's discoverers attracted flak from global-warming worriers at the time for saying that the cold-blooded creature would only have been able to survive in jungles a good bit hotter than Colombia's now are.

But now, according to further diggings, there is more evidence to support the idea that a proper rainforest similar to those now seen in the tropics existed at the time of the Titanoboa - despite the much hotter temperatures. This could be seen as conflicting with the idea that a rise of more than two or three degrees would kill off today's jungles with devastating consequences for the global ecosystem of which we are all part.

And before the AGWers start claiming this is made up and a lie..

The first neotropical rainforest was home of the Titanoboa
Published: Monday, October 12, 2009 - 15:09 in Paleontology & Archaeology

Smithsonian researchers working in Colombia's Cerrejón coal mine have unearthed the first megafossil evidence of a neotropical rainforest. Titanoboa, the world's biggest snake, lived in this forest 58 million years ago at temperatures 3-5 C warmer than in rainforests today, indicating that rainforests flourished during warm periods. "Modern neotropical rainforests, with their palms and spectacular flowering-plant diversity, seem to have come into existence in the Paleocene epoch, shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago," said Carlos Jaramillo, staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. "Pollen evidence tells us that forests before the mass extinction were quite different from our fossil rainforest at Cerrejón. We find new plant families, large, smooth-margined leaves and a three-tiered structure of forest floor, understory shrubs and high canopy."

Oh noooo..... rainforests, and animals were doing fine with temperatures 3-5C higher than today's?.....

Who would have thought this?......

BTW...the above DOES NOT PROVE that CO2 is the cause of the excessive warming...what it proves is that animal life as well as forests, and in general ALL LIFE florishes with warmer temperatures than we have now.

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