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Private Armies----Rent-A-Warrior

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posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 04:58 PM
It appears that "We The People" may have a new problem on our hands, the “Rent A Warrior” program. The past few administrations have been using private contractors to take the place of our military in Special/Black Ops. As we have seen in Iraq, many of the so-called private contractors are in reality, a private army.

The danger in this move is that unlike our regular military which has to deal with Congressional Oversight, these Soldiers of Fortune are subject to zero accountability. A company owns a company who owns another company who is responsible for the private army and no one will know anything…no one will say anything.

We see such names as DynCorp, the Vinnell Corporation, Kellogg Brown & Root, an affiliate of Halliburton (who, as we have seen in Iraq, just loves screwing the taxpayers out of grand sums of money), Lockheed Martin with L-3 Communications, MPRI based in Virginia, Global Risk International (a British rent-a-soldier company), Alpha Firm (a Russian firm comprised of former KGB agents), Sandline in the U.K., and three from Israel, Levdan, Ango-Sedu, and Silver Shadow.

These Para-Military forces are used for military training including the Kuwaiti Air Force, guarding special sites/areas, body guards, overseeing prisons, confession extraction, and Black Ops missions. In his book, Corporate Warriors: The Secret World of Corporate Mercenaries, Peter Singer states that annual PMC global revenue now tops $100 billion in profits!

Our Department of Defense has over 3,000 contracts worth over 3 billion most of which went to favored companies instead the normal bidding process where companies compete. At the same time our military has dropped from 2.1 million to only 1.4 million in only 13 years. Rumsfeld alone has cut 200,000 of the military and wants to “outsource” even more jobs…except of course for the actual fighting. These paid mercenaries make far more than our grunts. Some will make in a month more that lower ranking soldiers make in a year. We have also already had a major problem with competent services in Iraq from Halliburton who has cheated us out of millions, yet is still on the job. Guess it is nice to have crooked republicans and democrat friends in high places!

These private armies can, with the complete protection of the U.S. Imperial Federal Government, engage in all the activities, which have caused such embarrassment in the past when whistleblowers sounded the alarm. That is no longer an issue…if one of these soldiers blows a whistle, they will take a fast dirt nap. We now see our government enter into the area of plausible deniability when it comes to drug smuggling, giving secret aid to our friends, whacking someone they want dead, promulgating revolution if needed, CIA plots, and who knows what else. It is all hidden from prying eyes now.

You may ask, “What has this to do with me, it is still the same ole, same ole, military/CIA stuff being played out only with higher paid soldiers?”

I am glad you ask. Here in lies the problem.

There are many rumors and conspiracy theories about marshal law being imposed at some vague point in the future because of another terrorist attack or some excuse. This writer ask, with what will the government impose marshal law? If we only have 1.4 million in our military, that means only about 4 to 5 hundred thousand are actually fighting men at best. Combined with local law enforcement there are just not the numbers to even begin to control all of America during a marshal law scenario. Not even a million to control over 284 million…DUH! It is doubtful most of these soldiers and cops would fire on Americans either.

Enter “Rent-A-Soldier”! A soldier bought and very well paid for is loyal to the company, which hires him and will do as commanded. There is no shortage worldwide of Soldiers of Fortune and many would jump at the chance to have that kind of money and power. How much effort would it take to raise an army of several million highly paid former soldiers from around the world? How about five million or even ten?

With black budgets, no accountability, and the power of the Imperial Federal Government backing them up, these Private Armies represent a danger now, but have the potential of being an even greater danger in the future.


posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 05:28 PM
I created a similar thread on mercenaries in iraq. Except I was asking for answers to my questions, great information you have there.

Anyways, since then I have went online to search for information on them. Here's some of what I have found.

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 07:42 PM

Thank you very much for the links. They offer more proof just how wide spread the "Rent-A-Soldier" problem is becoming. It seems to be a booming industry.

I think this a far more serious problem than just mercenaries doing dirty jobs for our military.



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