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Laws of Physics, or Just Suggestions?

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 06:23 PM
I've read a lot about time shifting on ATS, but have not heard much about dimension shifting. Here is a few personal stories people have emailed George Ure, author of the blog, and have been published:

A buddy (PhD type) calls from Oklahoma and asks "You been noticing anything strange about measurements lately?"

Well, I was finishing up a barn for our horses (Oklahoma, right?) and I noticed all day Saturday I was making measurements and careful as I was - even measuring 3 & 4 times, I was coming up coming out with things like 4-by-4's which were off by about an inch! You know, needed 13 7/8th and I was cutting 14 7/8th - consistently and after measuring 3-4 times!

Not only that but my daughter's new horse whose bridle is normally on the 2nd hole on the buckle? It was on the 4th Saturday and she was really upset about that.... I know, I know, I told her she was doing something different in how she was putting it on, but she's in 7th grade and she's been putting bridles on horses for years and all of a sudden, one day, the bridle doesn't fit....and here's the really strange part... I tried it too and she was right...

"Can't get much stranger than that..."

"Oh, it does!...I tried it myself and the next day guess what? It was back on the second hole and the difference was about an inch...same problem I was having with the barn roof 4-by-4's!

I’m in the process of building a barn to hold my tractor and miscellaneous attachments. I asked for a quote from a local construction company for the barn — the barn is to be 30’ x 40’. They came out to look at where it goes and to drop some marker flags on the corners of the barn so that we could get a building permit. They measured and placed flags on the corners. We moved the barn once and measured the corners a couple of more times before we were all happy with the placement. It was my job to level out the ground before they could start the job.

I got right to work with my John Deere 4320 with the CX400 front loader and drug the foundation out flat, being careful to leave the original flags in place till the very last few scoops of dirt. Once removed them, I went back to measure and drive in some corner stakes. Funny thing was, the pad that I dug was about 24’ x 30’ --> way off. The thing is, two profession builders had measured and placed those original flags that I used as guides to dig the pad with. I measured them as well. How could the dimensions be off that much? Its easy to ‘see’ 6-10’ of error. I’m an engineer by trade and I can normally guess distances within a couple of inches. I’m totally baffled.

We had a similar experience with horse equipment, but on Sunday. This was in Southwest NH. A friend & I ride her 2 horses at least once a week during the summer. Sunday I put on my helmet and the fit was very tight. I loosened the chin strap and took it off/on several times before giving up on it feeling right. I commented on it at the same time that she noted the bridle on her horse wasn't fitting right. We speculated on reasons: big hair, humidity changes in the air, but came to no solid conclusion. I can't wait to tell her about the OK reader's experience.

Yesterday while pouring coffee from a fixed volume coffee pot into a fixed volume carafe, which happens every morning, i ended up with an extra half cup of water that would not fit into the coffee pot. This morning, the carafe took all the water - my second cup is on the way down.

Saturday my daughter found my ex’s measuring tool (it’s for measuring wood and folds ups) I told her to put it back in the garage and forgot about it. Sunday I find it broken in pieces…I was a little annoyed but no big deal……..

Yesterday my nephew comes over and suddenly I find him playing with my tape measure (no idea where he got it from) And he BREAKS it. Not really a big deal…but something struck me as odd. No one ever plays with tools etc b/c I keep them put away…suddenly two down in three days..

I come in and read your site today and voila. I can only take a stab at what it means…the grids are “breaking” or perhaps the distance or separation between levels is going to “break”.

The golden rule of carpentry, "Measure twice cut once" hasn't worked well for me either these days. Glad it's not just my imagination.

And here I thought I was going completely out of my mind. I was putting in some new floors for our rabbit cages a couple of weeks ago, ½” plywood just cut to size and slide them in - no problem. My dad was an industrial arts teacher and taught me how to measure twice cut once ever since I was 5 and it’s always stuck with me. Anyway I cut the three floors out and they were all a ½” too long…hmmm. Now here’s the strange part, I cut the ½” off and low and behold they were still ½” too long…WTF! At this point company arrived and I put everything down and declared work in progress, when I returned later I cut off the ½” again and everything fit perfectly. Next project was Sunday evening, put a wall mount kit up for the flat screen TV. Measure for the stud center, drill a pilot hole and yup about 1” off the stud. Second try was bang on. Now I know I can blame Universe for my incompetence. Glad to know I’m only half way out of my mind.

On Tuesday August 3 I measured four pieces of 1 x 2 inch metal to reinforce a greenhouse roof in my garden. I remember I was annoyed that all four pieces were different because the people who originally built the greenhouse had made it so out-of-square, and measured several times to make sure the pieces would exactly fit between the existing roof structure. I had the pieces cut to measure at a local hardware store and rechecked my measurements before I left. When the welders came later that day to do the work, I was extremely embarrassed because all four pieces were approximately 1 inch longer! My wife was entertained by such a stupid error but neither the workers, nor I thought it was so funny.

Ok, George, my mouth dropped open this morning while reading your report about measurements changing! Over the past several weeks I've experienced a problem with a simple measurement, and it's had me thinking I was either losing my mind or going blind.

I recently finished building a new stand-alone garage, and since I live in southeast Kansas where temperatures go to both extremes, I wanted to install a window air conditioner/heater unit. Simple, right? Well, I go out and measure the opening in the window (15" x 30"), then get online and start looking for units that will fit my window. I found one at Sears that I thought would be perfect, but before ordering it I thought I should measure the window again just to be sure. My second measurement was 15" x 33", and I thought WTF? So I go back inside and make sure the AC I had picked out would still fit, and it would, but at this point I've really begun to question myself, so I go out and measure again before placing the order. This time I get 14.75" x 29.5", and it's at that point I think I've completely forgotten how to read a tape measure, so I ask my wife to come out and watch me measure again. With her watching, I get 15" x 30". We write down the measurements and go back inside, then come back out in a couple of hours to measure again.....14.5" x 30.5". I still haven't ordered the damn AC because I'm afraid of my tape measure! George, I'm a 56 year old with an engineering degree, and had just finished building a new garage from scratch, with no known errors. Until reading your report this morning I thought I was really losing it!

I have a 3,000 gallon pond in my back yard in Lincoln, Nebraska (not earthquake central). My brother dug up reeds from a creek and planted them in a 5-gallon bucket that I put directly into my pond in a place where the reeds would be growing out of the water, but you cannot see the bucket. This 5-gallon bucket with soil and gravel covering the soil where the reeds are growing is placed on a level portion of my pond.

I have to literally go into the pond and move this bucket if I want the reeds to be in another place in my pond. There is NO WAY this bucket can 'slide' to another location.

I have sat since MAY of this year, in the same chair at my patio table in the evenings enjoying my fish swim and in and out through the reeds.

Yesterday in the evening, I once again sat down in my patio chair and observed my REED BUCKET was now in a different location in my pond!


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