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let me count the ways....

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posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 12:00 AM
We've come so far.. but how many things stand in the way of our long term survival as an intelligent, technological society? This isn't exactly a prediction thread in the way of it being psychic although I'm sure all these "ways" have been predicted by someone at some point.

Global warming?
Global abnormal weather or natural disasters. (tons of volcanoes go off at once, cali falls into the ocean and causes massive tunamis wiping out coastal regions worldwide.
Terminal Virus natural/manmade
Extinction event (asteroid/comet/ice age/massive solor flare)
THe Apocolypse??
The Rapture..
Global religius dispute.
I can see it now... some higher evolved human is born, brought up to believe he's some sort of gift from god, he starts a religion or maybe even declares himself the messiah of the hebrews. Seeing his "power" many flock to this new/old religion... the christians/catholics and the millions of off shoot religions declare he's the antichrist.. not to mention all the other "MY GOD can beat up your god" religions.. so the streets of NY turn into the streets of pakistan... as does it occur over the face of the planet... and we genocide ourselves into extinction.
How about an attack from an intelligent computer virus?
Nanobots gone bad...?
The disruption of the food chain?
Magnetic shift of the poles?
The appearance of a new intelligent evolved earth species?
Alien Invasion

whoah this is making me tired

a few nights ago I had a dream something happened to the earth.. but instead of hurting it.. it sent it realing through the solar system. I remember seeing the moon getting farther and farther away... I was wondering where we'd wind up and hoped it had a good view.. I've always thought we got the short end of the stick as far as outer space eyecandy. Then I remember thinking what being without the moon would do to the weather and if where we wound up.. would be in an area capable of continuing life. then i believe i woke up before the earth laid to rest...

so anyone else have any ... end of the world theories?

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 01:32 AM
I've always had the feeling that the nuclear explosions in WWII, and the underground nuclear explosion tests must have had some effect on earth orbit, that somehow they have altered earth orbit, and that's one of the reasons the weather is changing.

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