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Payoffs for Judges, Prosecutors Is Legal by Statute

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 09:06 AM
Payoffs for Judges...

Federal statutes show how and why U.S. law encourages prosecutorial and judicial conflicts of interest, non-neutrality, non-impartiality and corruption of justice in the federal courts. (See page 13 for portions of 5 USC 4502 through 4504 from the United States Code.)

How can the federal judiciary be independent and impartial when the law permits the federal government to secretly award judges up to $25,000 in undisclosed secret “cash awards,” and to privately, secretly and “erroneously” overpay them up to $10,000, and “waive” these erroneous overpayments?

None of this is new to the IRS. Its manual on pages 1,229 to 1,291 (Delegation Orders of January 17, 1983) outlines the IRS system of monetary awards “of up to and including $5,000, for any one individual employee or group of employees, in his/her immediate office, including field employees, engaged in National Office projects; and contributions of employees of other government agencies and armed forces members. ”This would include U.S. District Court judges and U.S. attorneys.

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