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More advantages of LibraryThing

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 10:51 AM
Despite the ATS member poll results announced some time ago, with the top request being book reviews, nothing has happened yet. Or are there plans in the works?

On the Librarything website I noticed a few features that sure make life easier when you're searching for a good read. One is an embedded list from that shows current prices for new/used versions of the book description you are looking at:

My favorite fun feature, though, is the predictor: "Will you love this book?" I don't know exactly what criteria they used to set that up, but I have found it very helpful so far.

There are also author chats, and lots of other fun stuff. Give it a spin. You can list your first 200 books for free, which is a lot of books. Then it's fee-based after that. Oh, and it's run by librarians and library software people, so pretty much everything works well.

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