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Hello ATS community... Something interesting happned to me today.

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 04:33 PM
So this is my second post, I would have liked to put it where it belongs but im only allowed to post in the introduction form being a newbee here still. But feel it's important to get out there. Been gone for a while and it's good to be back.

I work in the wholesale plumbing industry here in Colorado and I had a call today that made me a little upset. One of my good buddys called me because he has to re-model the science lab in a high school. After listening to him for a few min displaying his anger towards the situation at hand I asked him what was up...

He told me that the school had to get rid of it's science lab and put in a daycare so the kids in school had a place to drop off there kids while they learn... That didn't really bother me. But when he told me that every other school in the county that has done this so far the highschool kids just drop off there kids and leave... They are still enroled in school but just use it as a free daycare. That set me off!!

So the kids who want to learn dont get a science lab now because these other kids can't keep there legs closed. I love seeing my tax dollars hard at work.

Seen a few other interesting things in this line of work, but thats a story another thread. The DNC in 08 was odd to say the least, I have a few pictures of some of the vehicles that the government had parked at the federal center... There was a fema bus there for a while under a blue tarp... Still might be there. Will send pictures.

At work right now so I won't have time to answer any questions or reply till later this evening.

Peace out!!!


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