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NEWS: Iran hiding Nuke facilities

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 11:19 AM

FoxNews is exclusively reporting that Iran is hiding a weapons facility in the desert. Apparently images from space show the plant was built and then buried to hide it. This is frightening as it states the facilities could produce up to 100 nukes a year. Tie this with the recent troop movements on the Iraq border, could be they are preparing for some type of invasion. I wonder if the Isralies will use this as an excuse to attack?


"One site at Natanz appears to show a hidden uranium enrichment plant, possibly surrounded by defense fortifications capable of thwarting an attack. The other site, Arak, is a heavy water facility used to make plutonium.

The two sites together could be capable of building atomic bombs. "You have to conclude this is not part of an energy program, this is part of a weapons program," John Pike, the founder of , told Fox News"

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