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Topic and off topic experiances (no related forum)

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 10:51 AM
I was out driving around on an errand and every few minutes I saw my friends Nancy's car.. except upon second glance it looked absolutly nothing like nancy's car. THis happened so many times I could not dismiss it and I became attuned to a very uneasy.. scary feeling. I arrived home and went right to nancy's apartment (we lived in the same complex) I told her and her husband that under no uncertain terms were they to take that car out.. they did own two cars. They replied that was impossible because it had a bigger roof then their other car and they were going out to get a christmas tree and thought it the better car to take. WELL oddly enough they scoffed at my bad omen, even though we had shared many WEIRD experiances together and they were very open minded usualy, but this time they just wouldnt listen. Anyway they took the bad car out... hours later there was a knock at the door ... and standing there wasa very disheveled nancy and kenny.. red, huffing.. and babbling... apperently they had climbed the hilly road home because there car lost its brakes... they almost flipped over.. etc etc.. everything that goes along with losing your brakes when it's icy out... needless to say they promised to heed any future warnings.

The bad man (second hand)
My mom had a dream where this very spooky looking fellow was trying to get into the house and hurt her... later that week at a girls sleepover 2-3 guys showed up at the house.. they were not locals and one of them was the man from my moms dream.. well you know teenage girls they wanted to get naughty and let the guys in... but my mom threw a total hissy.. and a panic.. finaly they agreed to tell them no... so I guess we will never know

My sister AGE 29 a couple weeks ago
My sister just graduated High School.. while at her graduation I kept thinking I saw her.. I got that wierd feeling of an omen but passed it off.. I mean I was really attuned to trying to spot my sister at the event so I thought it was just that... 2 days after grad she woulnd up in the hospital severly dehydrated and all messed up apperantly from a severe mygraine. .. I don't know if this was just a coincidence.

cont precognition.. kinda... hmmm duringcognition lol
THe baby AGE 12-13ish
MY mom went out one night grocery shopping and I was watching my baby sister. She always behaived for me and everything was going fine.. then suddenly she started freaking out (she was 1 or 2) .. crying, screaming for my mom.. she was litteraly standing at the kichen door.. arms out stretched.. jumping up and down screaming for mommy.. nothing I did consoled her. Quite out of nowhere I got this freaky feeling mom was introuble and I started freaking... so there I was freaking trying to console and even worse freaking sister... finaly my mom came home... FREAKING.. apperantly coming out of the store she saw she was being shadowed... she got a most distressed feeling about the fellow and was sure she was in danger ... she turned back around into the store before she got to far.. and asked for an excort to her car.

Myself and my neighbor Nancy were really into the paranormal and we did all kinds of TESTS. We tried telepathy with playing cards or those test cards with patterns.. we tried remote viewing and we tried psychokinesis using dice. All of these had varying resusts nothing special.. except the dice. I lived with my bf in a downstairs apartment.. nancy and kenny lived upstairs.. they were his cousins.. we spent loads of time together and one favorite activity was board games. Monopoly, risk, RPG's etc.. dice games. THere were others who'd play with us friends other relatives etc.. anyway nancy and I got very good at controlling the dice.. way more then 50 percent of the time we wanted a certain roll we got it .. it was really out of the ordinary.. the sensation when shaking the dice.. was like.. hmm i got a minor headache.. all my muscles tensed and i would get very hot... you can tell when we were doing it... so the outcome... everyone would refuse to play with us on the grounds that we were phychicaly cheating lol.. O well guess you cant win them all.. we had to put our little dice controlling tactics away or no one would play with us.....


Little house on the praire (second hand)
One day while dressing for school my mom turned around to look in the mirror and there was a ?portal in it... she saw two girls walking in the woods dressed in old style clothes (hence the title) so my mom is standing there staring in shock.. when the girls glance over.. turn around and stared back with the same shocked expression.... it only lasted about a minute.

THe cordless kitchen phone.... AGE 20s ish
(See GHosts Galore for conecting tale)
Any way as I said in the ghost post.. I was rudley awakened by some creature beating me on the chest... only to awake fully to a knocking at the second floor kitchen window... well being like hald dead from lack of sleep.. I really freaked forgetting we had a fire escape.. pfft anywho the phone rang... and i answered it despite knowing that it couldnt be good.. it was the crazy girl!! as i mentioned in ghosts this girl had .. had a pschotic break during a road trip to p town in rhode island.... she insisted we go to california for coffee and promised we'd be back in an hour... she kept trying to get me to turn the car around to cali.. and insisted we were going the wrong way... she also was claiming to be talking to the insects and the animals we passed while we drove and just a myraid of odd stuff to much to repeat... well in the end she freaked .. forced her way out of the car.. and ran down the highway while stripping... we flagged a car to call the police... in the end we were let go after a good sniffing by drug dogs and she was detained till her parents could come get here.

so here i am FINALY at home.. getting my first taste of sleep in days.. so back to the call....

it's me.. didnt you here me knocking

me who

*the crazy girl

where are you?

on the fireescape (o whew we have a fire escape mystery solved) let me in

you're there now?


how are you calling...

i have my corless phone..

you have a cell?

no my corless from home (NOTE cordless from home... base 45 miles away.. most likely (worked at radio shack.. big geek) 10 channel scrambled analog.. it was a long time ago remember...

so i woke the roomies .. we called the [police.. i let her in and lo and behold it was a nomal cordless phone... so after we commited her .. we had to think...

Cordless phone... base 45 mins away... somehow manages to work in hartford.. surrounded by old brick brownstones... now mind you back then a phone like that might not even work in the basement.... of your own home...

conclution... crazy girl willed the golly gee willikers! phone to work.. somehow..someway.... maybe she wasnt totaly nuts.... to this day i wonder if i had let her drive if we really might have gotten to cali for coffee and back in an hour....

Out of body AGE late teens.. mixed tales....
I've had few experiances with going out of body .. i tried once manualy.. felt the float freaked.. plopped back in my body and never did it again. I have however accidently gone out of body to find myself in my room... realizing I was floating.. freaking .. and jerking awake.. .. there is also the story in my alien thread about floating in space with a being.. i'm not sure if it was an alien visit or an out of body experiance.. you decide

My friend not prone to lying at all!! claimed he often traveled out of body.. through different dimentions... well the odd thing about this is I was really into lovecraft at the time.. all his stories revolving around the necronomicon.. lovecraft has a very unique style and his descriptions of other dimensions are quite dramitic and detailed... and here was my friend describing the same sort of wierd architecture and beingings... he swore he never read lovecraft.... .. you decide


The Werewolf (second hand)
My friend lived ajacent to a graveyard, which he would walkthrough to get home.. all he had to do was jump a little fence into his backyard. So one night he's walking through and he here clicking noises like nails on pavement... he turned around a few times but saw nothing.. he was a little spooked knowing some kind of animal was following him, but not overly so. REaching the bottom of a little hill .. he turned around once more... and he claims he saw a werewolf.. he said on all fours it was already as big as a man.. he made total haste at top speed home.. while the thing galoped behind him.. clicking away... jumped the fence.. ran inside.. into his room.. and nailed his window shut...

anyway this guy is a toughy total testosterone.. back then we were all horror movie buffs and I wanted to get the howling at the video store.... he flipped out refusing to watch and insisted we not rent it... it took lots of needling to get that werewolf story out of him.. and he's not one to make stuff up

The woods (second hand)
Two of my friends were in the woods getting stoned.. when they heard screaming.. described by them as not being possibly human... in the end they were startled by a short, squat, sickley grey, four legged creature with the a human face like taunt skin over a skull.. it ran away...
They may have been messing with me but they certainly made a convincing tale... so who knows...

THe park AGE 20sish early
Well back at the lake/park/wood cabin all mentioned in other stories is one more story... .. me and a friend were at the park.. late at night.. on the swings shooting the sweetness.. we often swung upside down or leaned back so we could star gaze or look for the dancing lights. suddenly my friend freaks out and hells run.. I was likee?? when he motioned to the hedge behind the swings.. there was a thing... there with glowing red eyes and not a recognizable form for a face.. so fearing for our lives we ran all the way home .. it it followed i don't know but ever after that we swung on the swings facing the hedge...

On a side note for all these events I list as taking place at the park/lake/cabin.. they are all the same place .. We lived in a cabin, by a lake, that had a park. THis place is in Terryville Ct... in a very sparsly populated area.. anyway if you drive around the back roads in chalk and spraypaint on the roads were marks of the devil.. you know GOAT stars... 666 etc... and somewhere near us on a hill was a small clearing with benches and a podium.......

A ghostly dream... AGE totaly forget
In my dream I was standing looking towards a colonial type house... the image was split.. the same house on both sides... one house was crisp and clear looking the other image was cloaded by a redish static, like snow on the tv .... in the dream there was someone with me... he was behind me but i knew it was my dad.. he motioned towards the clear picture of the house and said "this is how you see things" he then motioned towards the house with the tv static and said "this is how others see things" ... then I woke up...


THE OLD MAN (Second hand)
THis occured while my mom was in her teens. She and a friend, who had spent the night, were in the basement ironing their clothes and chatting idly. My mom glanced over to ?? and sees an old man in kackies and a checkered shirt, he smiled at her... She turned around to say to her friend do you see him, and when she turned back around he was gone.. her friend had not seen him. He was not see through nor surrounded by any strange ghostly effect but my mom knew she had seen a ghost.

Cont.. years later while going through a box of family photos my mom found a picture of the front yard, with her ghost in it.. standing there smiling.. she about freaked and proceeeded to show the picture to the family.. no one recognized him.. my mom insists that it's her her ghost.

Cont.. No one really believed her despite the fact that he was wearing the same clothes and not recognizable as a family member or friend. There was however another incident that might be blamed on him. My aunt was staying at the house an overnight probably do to a holiday.. she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She glanced down the hall and there was a shadowy figure standing at the other end of the hallway. She did not address him, she had a funny feeling about the whole thing, but was not scared. She mentioned this the next morning at breakfast and no one in the house had been downstairs all night. My mom thinks it was her ghost and my aunt was a bit more inclined to believe her.

MY DAD(Second hand)
There are numerous accounts of my dad showing up.. most involve sightings of him in his old bedroom, standing by the window. My grandparents, two uncles, aunt and 4 cousins all lived in the house and have all claimed to have seen him.. all except my grammy to which they do not mention the encounters. They built an attaching house to the original structure.. the room that connects the two houses was my dads old room.

numerous sightings of him in bedroom. (seen by all)
sighting of him following my grandmother down the stairs on his birthday(seen by grampa and uncle)
sighting of my fathers murder at the foot of my grandfathers bed (seen by grampa) he followed the apparition into grammy's room and my father appeared.. they both disappeared while taking the stairs down to the first floor.

I look quite alot like my father and have scared family members that did not know I was visiting, thinking I was a ghost...

I once looked out my second floor bedroom window, at night, and viewed a full bodied apparition in flowing white gown looking material.. she was glowing and the material of her dress was blowing as if she was in a heavy wind.

Deceaced BF AGE 26ish
I read tarot cards, I once worked for the madame cleo line until a brush with a suicidal caller. My friends always bugged me for readings but I did not give in often as it's very draining. REcently my friends BF passed away suddenly, my friend was a wreck and asked me to do a medium reading. I had never done so and told him this but he wanted me to try. I used the 3 card spread, yes/no answer method although I did read in the meaning of the cards that came up rather then just saying yes or no. THe session went well and my roomate was very thankful and I was very shocked.. the ghostly thing about this tale is that during the reading someone was playing with my hair... :O

The backroom!! AGE 20ish
I lived with roomates in an old brownstone in hartford. I had origanaly been living on the bottom floor but the people living there with me were both kicked out, one by the landlord and the other by her gf who lived upstairs. Soooo I moved in with the girls upstairs into the bedroom they dared not enter because it was HAUNTED.. well the sitting room attached to my bedroom was haunted but the spirit would venture into my room and sometimes near the living room.. Well I moved in with no trouble and was not assualted by and presance.. however they claimed when I was gone they sometimes felt its presance at the door to my room.. which was off the living room.. I must admit I also experianced this once while in the living room.. but only once.

cont...the attack!! Well lets just say I have quite the tale to tell about a car trip and a girl who lost touch with our realm during the ride, but that is for a different thread. Finally I made it home.. I had not had sleep in a few days do to these events and was really drained. I hit the hay around midnight wishing for a good nights sleep. Suddenly I woke up struggling to breath.. there was a wieght on my chest.. I opened my eyes to see the most frightening vision.. a greyish.. lovecraftian looking being was standing by the side of my bed beating me on the chest with what can only be described as tentacles. I fianaly stuggled myself to full attention and the being vanished... but there was a knocking on my second floor window... (again for another thread.. to make a long story short) it was the crazy girl on the fire escape... so we called the police.. let her in.. kept her busy till the police arrived then excorted her to the hospital and commited her.

So who was the being and why was he beating me??? Was it an attack because it thought I was weak.. if so why did it happen while the crazy girl was knocking at the fire escape.. was it instead a warning.. like you know an attempt to shake me awake. And lastly who was it?? Was it the spirit in the back room or my spirit guide.. (who claims to be a demon... like I said the being wan't pleasant looking.)

A few of my friends insisted that the area I lived in was haunted, not just my house but the area. THis area was Terryville Ct.. and honestly it was a hot spot of different activity.. see my ufo post about the orbs by the lake.... any was back to the topic.. the house was ok... sometimes there were strange noises but it was a log cabin and I attributed it to house settling.. a couple time dishes fell over and every once in awhile I did get a creepy feeling.. anywho I was sound asleep .. and woke up with a start.. floating like an inch from my face on my right was a big ectoplasmic looking FACE.. I nearly had a heart attack, I screamed it it made haste in reverse towards the window about 2 feet from my bed on the right... never loosing it's FACE look till it totaly disappeared.

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 06:46 PM
Wow, I have to say this is very thorough. You really should put this up on its own separate site.

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 07:05 PM
i could but it will probably get seen more here then if i were to just throw up a page on the web.

probablty the two scariest were the face and the thing behind the swings..

the only other thing about the place in terryville were the big huge scary hairy spiders.. that came around way to often for my taste /shiver ..

once i was in the shower and "saw a spider" i ran out of the bathroom wet, naked and screaming.. when my roomate went up to investigate.. with me shivering and not to far behind.. he starts cracking up... turns out what I saw was a KNOT in the wood.

why i just shared that i don't know lol


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