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Anti-government conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 11:05 PM
I see a lot of people on here complaining about the government. There are a lot of problems with the government. Politicians are corrupt. Yet, what would happen if the government were destroyed? Who is currently in control? Behind the curtain, who is behind the anti-government rhetoric?

Follow the money. It is going to corporate CEOs and hedge fund managers. Who controls the guns? More and more military and security has been outsourced to private companies. Did you know there are more private security than police in the United States?

The corporate elite are largely in control. They have infiltrated and subverted many of the highest levels of government. This is not just some relationship, but a war between private corporate titans and the government. They have stolen trillions, diverted the government into useless wars, and loaded the government in debt.

However, weakening the government is not all. They have waged a propaganda war against their enemy---the citizens. Rather, than fight for our country, we turn against our own government. Fewer and fewer people even turn out to vote. No one protests when they corrupt another official.

Power requires organization. The more organized rule over the less organized. Multi-national corporations can organize thousands or even millions of people around obedience to the CEO, the board, or maybe the shareholders. Democratic government secures rights and due process, and is accountable via things like voting and jury duty.

Do not mistake your enemy. There is a war going on. Do not fall victim to divide and conquer.

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