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(SUBMISSION) Atomic particles 'teleported' (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 07:46 PM
Teleportation is the stuff of fiction... or is it? In the following report science has determined that it is far more possible than you may think. Sending atoms or at least their properties through space without movement is possible.. so they say. I think we are a long way from the day when Scotty can beam us up. Or we have to check our teleporter pod for flies or other insects before our trip. But this is interesting news and one more step toward the fantasy of teleportation becoming reality...

Teleportation--"sending" atoms, or at least their properties, through space without any physical movement--is possible, according to scientists at the National Institute for Standards and Technologies.

In a paper published in the journal Nature, NIST scientists say they were able to transfer the quantum state, or list of active properties, of one beryllium atom to another. The quantum state describes such physical characteristics as energy, motion and magnetic field.

Since the quantum properties of an atom can represent data, teleportation could be thought of as a way of creating an atomic network. Data could move rapidly through teleportation from one zone in a hypothetical quantum computer to another.

In NIST's teleportation experiment, there is no physical movement. Instead, data is transmitted. Such a transfer could speed up calculations in a futuristic computer. "It is quicker than moving the atoms" in such a computer, NIST spokeswoman Laura Ost said.

The NIST experiment works by putting three atoms in a confined area, called a trap, filled with gold electrons and lasers. Lasers are used to excite the atoms and change their spin, a quantum property. Atoms No. 1 and No. 2 are entangled, or set into a relationship with each other that creates a distinct interaction. The properties of the 1-2 relationship are then replicated in a 1-3 entanglement. Thus, atom No. 3 takes on the characteristics of atom No. 3, because the 1-3 entanglement now is identical, for measuring purposes, to the 1-2 relationship.

"It's hard to quickly move qubits (the quantum form of digital bits) to share or process information," NIST physicist David Wineland, leader of the work, said in a prepared statement. "But using teleportation as we've reported could allow logic operations to be performed much more quickly."

Scientists can't determine the exact quantum properties of the atoms, but by studying the relative properties of the atoms, the characteristics of one can be said to have transferred--thus, the atom in question has, for all purposes, been teleported.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

So does this mean that one day in the blink of an eye we can be teleported to any place in the world?

Real Teleportation of anything even humans possible?

I do not think that is possible in our lifetimes.. however it could happen. And if it does who among us will be the first to sign up for testing?

But first we will have to understand the quantum properties of atoms and how to break them down and move them without the destruction of their properties, and of course we will have to have enough computing power and energy to handle this. But maybe ... one day .... maybe.. It will happen!

At least this shows they are working on it.

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