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the development of talents versus work

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 11:39 PM
america is very rich with its citizens having developed many talents to accommodate the structure of procurement of needs/desires.the compounding issue of a talented being able to outwork with one talent what would take machines many joules has impacted the ability to acquire goods and as measured in joules and the accompanying sciences are relative to a person or group of persons use of talents on the beings accepting possession.

when a person/s is employed to complete a commission their use of talents or the exertion of will manifest as work; the end result can not be determined to be a good or service.

a person/s work is never a talent; and a talent cannot be measured in means scientific; yet they can be quantified ethically.a person who is talented is not working; but the exertion of the talented person/s of their will creates work, which can be scientifically studied objectively: and resultant outcomes known, subjectively.

to develop talents does not mean a person/s will create work; and to create "jobs" does not mean a person/s will develop talents. the exertion or force in both regards has a result that can best be described as gaining talents and creating work.

work and its results are never known to the talented user/s; and the same can be said of a talent user/s versus a person/s who works.

because of conspiracy, machines are not the only use of talents of movers of work.and the development of machines is directly proportionate to conspiracy and talents and work.yet, the development of talents and work and interaction with machine does not also produce an outcome that is necessarily a good or is my belief that transhumanism will result from distrust of talented person/s and work/ers ; and not from an subjective growth within a field contained in its own growth.because of these truths machines can be viewed in many different ways; such as slaves or "unconscious" "computational crystals/lattices".many events in america are a direct result of inter-clan jealousy/emotions pertaining the outward expression of talent/s or work/s, yet there is no end to a conflict that does not accept or even can begin to know the opposing "thought".

some people await a "time"; yet, with the development of talents and work the time will have passed before the very talent/ed person/s or strong worker/s thus awaiting an appointed time for a commissioned work to be completed is "not logical".because of the development of work an equal time an event can occur that is relatively speaking to occur in a different time to a person/s who develops talents, and vice verse pertaining the perspective of the talent worker.

because in america there is a foundation that is based on talents and work and the circulation of trust between talent and work; a constant fluctuation and force that is akin to "going against the grain" is in effect pertaining "economy".while at some point a consensus may be that america is healthy because there are many workers; while at another the talent of a person/s is great enough or equal enough to the work that is exchanged with the talent for procurement of goods and services.when ever there is a shift in the faith of talents or work the medium "machine" is changed/recreated and the object used to procure faith in talent or work for the purpose of acquiring desires/goods/services changes also.

the greatest talent/work is not the withholding of richness of a worker or a conspiracy to maintain chaos among "machine"; yet this very action is a means with which in a system created based on the interrelationship between talents and work, that many can procure the image of being they desire, which is not wrong; yet maybe a crime to the talent user or worker.crimes described do not go unpunished and woe to the person who disrupts the natural harmony of a talent or prospers off another worker by self aggrandizing their own lack of skill pertaining work they accept as their own.

there are also different means by which a worker may find a person attractive by due cause of talents; and vice verse by perspective of a talent user.this "act" can be viewed in different ways depending perspective; inter class mingling and caste an open society with which america claims this is not an illegal act.

there are many more profound inter-relational social implications on the nature of america pertaining talent and work. please post any further comments, criticisms, or findings.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 09:57 AM
I'm betting that Sociologists have had a heyday with this one. Work has been absolutely necessacarily to help provide for the needs of both the individual and Society. Most of us understand this. To me, it almost comes down to a class thing, as the higher you are class-wise, the more likely you can afford the advanced education to reap monetary benefits by developing your natural talents in the field of work. We certainly have other talents, but do we have the inclination or desire to develop them? Here is where we find the intersection of the needs of the individual versus the needs of Society. If we don't develop those talents through other interests it would seem we would not be fulfilled to such a level that we would achieve happiness, whatever that is.

As far as work is concerned, Society is extremely compartmentalized. Groups of others make work decisions for those below them. This is a necessacary evil, or potential for evil, for many reasons. In a sense, the people below are being "used" to one degree or another. The further up you go, the more perks, and the unfairness of this is obvious. It depends on how a Company views its' employees. If it does come down to the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few, or the one, how can we be sure that individual needs of self-fulfillment vis a vis Society are met? We can't. It's up to the individual to develop his or her own talents and fulfillment. A whole lot more can be said about this.

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