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Part 1 of my master plan: psychic robots!

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 04:59 PM
Ok so here is part 1 of my pet plan to save the world. Psychic robots. Allow me to introduce you to the Psyleron.

Part 1 of my plan uses psyleron robots and a reality TV show to bring parapsychology out of the fringe and into "mainstream science".

Once parapsychology is mainstream, science will be able to develop (or disclose) techniques and technologies designed to augment psychic ability. That is part 2.

Part 3 is that humanity uses its newfound psychic muscle to clean up the planet with our collective mind-over-matter ability.

OK so the psyleron robot is basically a small and mobile random number generator, as you read in the link above. If you skipped the link read it now plz. Understanding RNGs and microPK is vital to understanding how this will work.

My idea is to use the psyleron in a team-based competition. It would make a great reality show. You have two teams of people, and they use their collective psychic ability to have "mind-influenced robot races, or complicated robot wars."

The team composition could change in accordance with the hypothesis being tested. For instance, could a team of JREF skeptics win a competition? Or would the sheep-goat effect prove to be their undoing? And next week we could see if women are more psychic than men. I think they tend to be. The week after that we could see if expert meditators have more control than non-meditators. On and on.

So the teams could be chosen by expert panelists who design various competitions. Guest psychic and skeptics could also compete or serve on the panel. After a season or two, overwhelming evidence and publicity would overcome the scientific taboo against parapsychology. Then on to part 2 of the plan. What do you guys think?

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