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And She Fell From Heaven

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 01:54 PM
In a world where trust, love and honesty are boiled down and then recycled for a
deviant purpose I find myself holding on, waiting for someone that isn't
masquerading as a lie to hunt down and assassinate such character strengths.

I myself understand the tempering process an individual must undergo to survive in
a world where these things are abused and taken advantage of. I know more than
most and due to such a nature I have some of the strongest barriers imaginable that
protect me from being tossed into the cold and heartless wind.

My heart has solidified itself in the past and remained in a barricaded state for the
sole purpose of survival. But in survival itself is a tiny sliver of hope. A shard of
possibility that cloaks itself in strength and is reinforced by silent determination. The
briers guarding my heart to this shard have began to be slowly and strategically
dissolved and trimmed. So rarely is this place reached within me from an outside
individual, so rarely do I find myself singing inside even though the outside world
beats against my shielded soul and mind like a blizzard or like a torrential rain beats
against and tatters a tin roof, looking for any nook to infiltrate.

Only few things are allowed entrance into the sheltered areas of my mind and heart
and after entering, a protective barrier is established for the time they choose to
remain there, to protect, guard and watch over them, to give them reason to shine
and gleam joy from honesty, hope and love.

As I trace the illusive trail you tread on backwards and follow the lingering scent of
temptation and beauty into the trees and through the glens and valleys of brilliance I
realize something. I realize this trail, these tracks are similar to mine. I realize the
surreal scenery surrounding me has been seen before.

Some time ago I came from the same place. I've been to this land before. This is my homeland and I forgot my way back into such a world of splendor but have been guided by a gentle and wonderful soul. I've been given hinting and subtle whispers that try to sway my compass to such places in the past but nonetheless have been lost without their coordinates until now.

Then it hit me. Not only is this my forgotten and long sought for land but it is also
where you have come from so eloquently. Somehow still treading with such
gorgeous reflection of heaven bouncing from and glimmering from all that is you, as
you search for a place to rest. If there were no beauty in this world anymore that I
could shelter and protect, I would have no purpose. Angels like you is what keeps me going each day, is what tames me and the fire that drives me.

Now that you have made your way into my territory and heart, you will be sheltered. You will be guarded and respected, you will be loved and cared for. While in this space of heart I protect that you have found in me, in which I protect myself and those closest to me you will find my walls surrounding us are impenetrable. You will find in my fortress, given time, that there is no secret entrance and no penetrable barriers but only access allowed to those like yourself, those angelic, those beautiful and rarely discovered and only access given to things forgotten in a world so heartless.

Human words just don't cover
The darkness that you smother
For as the world does turn
Something in your eyes will burn

Something deeper than the skin
Deeper than that gorgeous grin
Deeper than your lively glow
Deeper than I can ever know

Thus, when heavens gates parted
You fell into this world uncharted
Where my sea of mind was tossing
I was calmed in your crossing

And on the nights that we part ways
You follow me still through the days
Hallucinating scents so sweet
Waiting again for our next meet

Your softened touch and voice combine
To guide me close to the divine
Shall dawn submit to daylight brought
In your eyes I will be caught

For softly as you are composed
It reminds me of the rarest rose
In which I'd brave the depths of hell
To cherish it's sweet lovely spell


[edit on 20-7-2010 by Crossfate]


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