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United States charged with crimes against humanity

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 08:43 AM
I see a normal day. Im watching children in a dance class. First day? they are surprised who all came. They dont see me watching them. I flew off


I flew in with a wave/swell. The sky was overcast. Not storm clouds, thin clouds that cover the sky. It is still a bright day. A lot of large buildings along the coast line. I watch the wave come in, hit the buildings. The water rushes between the buildings. I fly in. I head to a building I saw earlier with children in it. An old cathedral. I help the children stay safe. The water is flooding the areas now, I bring a mans attention to the electric appliances in the basement that need to be unplugged. I walk outside the building....same day? I think. I stand out with the others and I see a Catholic Cardinal in full ceremony delivering communion to people lined up against the building. Ontop of a tall building near us someone lets off explosives. Kind of like a package of blackcats but much louder. They then shoot off small rocket like fireworks from the building. I hear someone say it must be because of a religious holiday that I cant remember the name of. Other people ran when they heard it because it scared them. Then I hear a voice over a loud speeker make an announcment in a language I recognize but do not understand. It says it again and again in every language. People go into their buildings. I stay outside and hear the anouncment in English..."charge United States of America with crimes against humanity"

I wake up with the understanding that what I saw was the begining of WWIII

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