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Michael Vick wasn’t such a bad guy.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 09:07 PM
Michael Vick wasn’t such a bad guy.
If you are easily bored or do not want to read a rant please bump onto the next thread, I do this not for stars or flags it is simply a therapeutic rant.
As I attempt to justify problems in the world.
Now just to set the mood, I do not advocate dog fighting for my or any dog on the planet, if I saw said events I would promptly dispatch all infected humans with due haste and an absolute disregard for personal preservation.
My dogs do not fight other than wrestling and growling at each other and have never drawn blood on each other. While quite large, strong and intimidating my dogs I would only use as an early warning device, audible alarm that would allow me time to get the perimeter lights on and establish a field of fire.

As anyone can tell who has read any of my posts or has seen my totally awesome avatar, I am the proud human of several dogs. 3 in all my oldest is not in the avatar she is my retired doggie and is living her last years out as a “reserve dog” she sleeps most of the day and I’m good with that as she was my Bad Bi*** for years.
I say that as I am not their owner, I explain here.
My boy was in my room talking to me and he was sitting on the bed.
The Big doggie in the forefront of my picture ran into the room and tackled my boy.
My boy is 18yrs 320 lbs 6’3 and about solid as a brick wall; he wrestled and played American football his biceps are big as most peoples calves, so he is quite ….healthy.
My boy wrapped his arms around “Paix” and said Look Dad I got him right where I want him, as he had the dog wrapped up with his arms. I then instructed my boy “I believe you are mistaken, He has you right where he wants you”.
My boy immediately agreed seeing how happy Paix was by the tail wagging and squirming around flinging doggie slobber about.
So with this kind of an understanding of how my dogs feel about their people, you can imagine that our Doggies are very important to us.
The reason for this is we understand Doggie psychology, what they need and want from us, and all dogs understand humans a lot more than we can understand.
Most dogs have a need to be needed; they need a job to do some of them show this in a way by trying to please us.
For instance when my wife comes home Paix and Zoe (the dog in the back) will start to play fight each othe,r growling and lunging at each other, showing teeth, the wife will generally get angry that the “DOGS ARE FIGHTING IN MAH HOUSE”.
I then explain to her that the dogs missed her and want to show her that “They are strong and able and willing to fight for mama” they are posturing for her.
“Look Mommy I is a strong Doggie”!
She then relents and hugs said doggies, which encourages them to do it the next time she comes home. I’m not sure if she realizes they have trained her, and not the other way around.
Now that may give you an inside look on my views of my doggies and keeping this in mind, I will say that what Michael Vick did was not so bad compared to what other humans have done to our own species.
Sure, Mikey beat and drown his dogs, some of the dogs fought for his cause just to please their human, dogs will do that. And the ones who wouldn’t were dispatched.
But Vick did this in the open around his associates and buddies, who most likely felt the same way.
He did not try to hide who he was to his friends as in his geographic location this is an accepted thing to do.
But comparing what he did, to what people in this world are doing right now to other human beings pales in comparison.
We spray chemicals, whether it be Chemtrails or Corexit one whether you believe in Chemtrails or not, they believe in you.
We engineer plans to outright in broad daylight kill our own to cast a shadowy doubt on an imaginary evil axis USS Liberty, 911 Etc.
We strip mine the earth for its bounty at the cost of the environment and human life
We poison the water in some regions with chemicals like Fluoride.
We poison our food with steroids and gmo.
We have dictators or leaders that willingly exterminate peoples for many reasons whether personal or financial. They also kill their own people to further their agendas.
Knowing what Michael Vick did was not right but I chuck it up to ignorance.
He simply did not understand it was harmful or hurtful as he was never taught better.
When my kids would ask me a question as to why someone would do something so bad and I had no real answer I would tell them, even smart people do stupid things.
I really think it is as simple as that.
It is when whether smart or stupid people do outright bad things for personal gain, that bothers me the worst.
So when you consider all of the evil that men do, Michael Vick wasn’t such a bad guy.
Please feel free to add any examples and join me in this rant.
And thanks for peeking into my head as it is not a very pretty sight at times.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 07:34 AM
You cannot use the justification that everyone does bad things so it's ok for someone else.
I don't care if every single human being mistreated an animal in their lifetime, they still made a conscious decision to do it, and it's wrong.
You being a dog owner I'm even more shocked.
How in the world could you say he's not such a bad guy when he advocates THIS?
*WARNING graphic image
Those images are dogs belonging to the one you just defended.
Hows about you let him look after your pets for awhile?
Would you trust him, since he's not such a bad guy?
I thought so.


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