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BP Oil Spill is on the Jefferson Ley Line

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 09:52 AM

The gulf oil disaster and location of the Deep Water Horizon wreck is on the alignment created using the NW boundaries of Washington D.C. Other interesting sites on this line include three structures designed by Thomas Jefferson, The Georgia Guide Stones, Town of Monticello (georgia), Santa Rosa Island (florida), and now the site of the Deep Water Horizon. Is this a chance occurance?

The video below has really stupid music that drowns out the soft spoken person, however, it's the only video connecting a major ley line (The Jefferson Ley Line) with the BP Oil Gusher (It was never a spill).

The Georgia Guidestones also lay upon this same ley line.

All of our most important financial centers, monuments and power centers are built on these.

Power Centers

At every point where ley lines enter the Earth (inshoots) and at approximately 70% of the nodes where ley lines leave the Earth (outshoots), there is a water spring. The ley-line inshoot or outshoot and accompanying water spring are the universal prerequisites for power centers. It is not just the water spring as suggested by Underwood or the ley line as suggested by Watkins, but the union of the two that determines the site selection of monuments.

Ley lines and water lines have fundamental similarities and differences. They both form a network of force fields over our planet and seem to affect human behavior, although in different ways. Ley lines originate from outside the Earth, while water springs originate from inside the Earth. Ley lines travel in straight tracks with 90-degree turns, while water lines are non-linear and circuitous.

The power of ancient monument sites lies in the interaction of the telluric Earth field of water lines with the cosmic solar field of ley lines. Their combination creates a synergetic, holistic field which is greater than either of the two energies taken separately. This fusion of the fundamental components of the Universe, yang and yin, is the source of all matter, energy and consciousness.

When a person stands on a water line, ley line or power center, the field of the water line affects the person and their own field, or aura. Just like the heat waves we can see rising off a highway on a hot summer day, there is a similar, semi-visible emanation all around our body which, under special conditions, can be seen as a field of light three to twenty-four inches or more silhouetted around our body. You may have seen someone's aura as a faint light or glow around their head, especially when they are next to a light-colored wall.

So far we have discussed three kinds of Earth energies: water lines; ley lines; and ley-line power centers, with yin, yang and balanced (yang-yin) fields. There are other kinds of Earth energies that also affect us. One example of such a power center is at kivas in the Southwest United States. When visiting Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, I stood in the area where a kiva, now ruined, had been. I could feel power and a yin, telluric force field. The kiva was a sort of magnetic center into which energies were drawn from the surrounding countryside, and then drawn upward into a concentrated vortex. -- Freyja
Earth vortices are analogous to the chakras in the human body. There are 9 major chakras in the body, counting two above the head within the etheric field, which are not normally referred to. There are several minor chakras throughout the body. (See section Chakras) The arteries in the human body are analogous to the rivers and waterways of Planet Earth. Ley Lines are analogous to the nervous/energy system in the human body.

Most of the major vortex areas on Earth are well documented. I have made a separate section for these, which can be found under the INDEX below. I have written up data from a personal point of view regarding some of those visited.

Vortices should not be confused with ancient sites such as Stonehenge in the UK or the pyramids of Egypt and Yucatan, Mexico etc. These are known to be places of magnetic and spiritual power. They are not all necessarily vortices.

Vortices are not necessarily of the same structure, size or disposition. They can be volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs, mineral deposits, beneath the ocean, deep gorges, rock outcroppings, and even in deserts like the Sinai and Namib.

It has been stated by several sources including channelings from Edgar Cayce, that crystals were directed during Atlantean times at balancing the ley lines of the Earth's plane, and maintaining stability of Earth. The Earth was moving on its axis with respect to the magnetic poles, just as it still does to this day. However, thousands of years ago it moved to a larger degree which contributed to the destruction of what was known as Atlantis. Crystals were also important to maintain a balance between other planets in the Universe, because of the importance of the vibration of planet Earth in relation to the sun and moon. It is worth mentioning here that during the latter part of the civilisation of Atlantis, misuse of personal power and mis-use of crystals were instrumental in its demise.

Many sacred temples and churches have been built near or on powerful minor vortices. For example, Chartres Cathedral in France, some Mayan and Egyptian temples, and the Potala Palace in Tibet.

When the earth’s crust cracks this often causes tidal waves and volcanic activity. When a major earthquake occurs, the effect is felt along faults and ley lines. For instance when an earthquake occurs in San Francisco it can create mini earthquakes along that fault line for hundreds of miles. This particular fault line is also a major ley line. The ley line begins in the Peruvian Mountains and ends in Alaska, however the fault line continues under the sea of Alaska. Whilst faults may change after activity, ley lines do not.

Large vortices may appear like wheels with the spokes emanating from them being ley lines. Some of these spokes are more powerful than others, just as there seems to be different degrees of strength to the vortices. Energy may whirl through the spokes from the vortices, at different frequencies.

Vortices are placed in alphabetical order, not order of importance.

Major Vortices

* Avebury, England
* Ayers Rock, Australia
* Bimini- off Florida coast
* Calgary- Canada, including the area surrounding Lake Louise and Banff National Park.
* Easter Island- Chile
* Nepal
* Machu Pichu - The Andes, Sth America
* Philippines
* Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
* Sedona, Arizona .US
* Tibet, Lhasa

Minor Vortices

Below are some of the most important minor vortices. I have tried to cover most countries, in what is a difficult, if not an impossible task. In many countries I have not been specific about the areas where there are vortices, or good energy. There are many vortices beneath the sea.

* Andorra
* Armenia (formerly USSR)
* Azores
* Belize
* Canary Islands
* Egypt in particular the site of the Pyramids.
* Galapagos
* Georgia (formerly USSR)
* Greece and the Greek Island of Patmos
* Himalayas
* India many areas, source of the Ganges of great importance.
* Indonesia
* Iraq
* Israel Masada and other areas around the Dead Sea.
* Lebanon
* Madeira the whole island is a minor vortex
* Malaysia
* Mauritius
* Mexico
* Morocco Marrakech only
* Peru Lake Titicaca (this area, from the Peruvian Mountains right through to Alaska has the longest ley line on Earth)
* Reunion
* Russia. All Archangel districts up to Urals. Krasnoyarsk.
* Seychelles
* Sth Africa- Okavango Delta
* Spain- All the Sierra including Granada, Cordoba, as well
as Almeria and Sierra Morena.
* Switzerland - Zermatt, Leukerbad, almost all of the Valais
area, Basle and other areas
* Japan Osaka and thermal springs areas.
* USA- Mount Shasta, Yellowstone Park*, Houston to

Note:- Many countries where there are thermal springs are minor vortices or have high energy areas, however there are exceptions.

*Yellowstone Park is a mixture of positive and negative energy, as are many such places. Yellowstone Park is a catastrophe in wait and it will affect people
hundreds of miles away.

Countries where there are good energies, although they are not Vortices

There are many parts of the world where the energy is strong and of a good nature. They are not vortices, but are worth taking note of. Although this is not a comprehensive list, it does cover many important areas.

* Australia- this is a country of significant positive energy. There is also negative energy, including cities.
* Austria- most of the Alps and rivers, but not cities.
* Belize
* Brazil of most importance are the rainforests and Iguassu Falls
* Canada- Vancouver Island, Northern Ontario, all of Banff area
* Chile
* China - Provinces of Guangxi and Guangdong-there is much negative energy elsewhere in this country.
* Cyprus- almost the whole island
* France, Brittany is the most important
* Iceland- the North West and South East have good vibrations, although there is also a great deal of negative energy.
* India- very significantly almost the whole of the continent of India (apart from some cities) has positive energy.
* Italy- Veneto area. Venice, Padua. Verona, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore-the latter of greater significance. All of Umbria.
* Malaysia
* Mexico – Sonoran Desert area, Chihuahua
* Netherlands. Much positive energy but no vortices.
* Sinai Desert - as far as the Nile Delta, but not Alexandria
* Sweden, some areas
* Switzerland- Large area south of Geneva this does not include Lake Geneva.
* South America- part of Andes from Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca- powerful energies- this stops abruptly at La Paz.
* Tunisia and Algiers
* Turkey- a great many high energy areas.
* United Kingdom- area of Cornwall, Wiltshire, Nth. Wales (Aberglaslyn area);
Lindisfarne Isle, Trossachs and Oban in Scotland
* United Arab Emirates
* USA- San Diego, much of California, Lake Powell and Canyonlands to the right of Escalante Desert. S.E. corner of Utah Nth East Idaho, Wyoming, particularly Rock Springs area.

Places of negativity on Earth- including many cities.

Negative energy is a ‘natural’ phenomenon. We need the natural negative energy to balance the positive. It is not usually harmful to people who live in these areas, although it is clearly dangerous in earthquake zones and areas such as Yellowstone Park. It is the negative energy caused by mankind polluting the atmosphere, particularly in cities which is harmful.

* Moscow, Tel Aviv, Israel, Beijing, Washington, New York, Bonne, Buenos Aires, London, Pretoria, Vienna, Florence. Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur
* All the Grand Canyon area, Phoenix in Arizona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sierra Nevada’s, Mount St. Helens
* Honduras
* China- Nth West is very bad.
* Hong Kong
* Mongolia
* Taiwan & Haiman
* Thailand
* Sth and Nth Korea
* Iran,
* Nairobi
* Zimbabwe
* Parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, near Chichen Itza, Mexico
* Haiti- negative energy stretches from Puerto Rico right through all the Lesser Antilles
* Indonesia
* Darjeeling, Delhi and Calcutta in India
* New Zealand-much of this country has negative energy
* Astrakhan, Azerbaijan and Caspian-particularly bad, some of this is due to the poisoned Caspian Sea, but not all.
* Casablanca/Rebat
* Iceland- large areas
* Sudan
* Much of Japan-exception Osaka
* Uganda

PLEASE NOTE:- This is from a channelling with Edgar Cayce in 1998.


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title @ op's request

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 09:55 AM
Would there be any chance you could give a description regarding what you know about these lei lines and also the meanings etc. I have very limited knowledge regarding these, very interesting to know? Thats if you dont mind

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:18 AM
Nearly all the disasters and world events, massacres such as Rwanda, and wars, Haiitis Quakes and 9/11 are done significantly BY THE DATE, that is the mystery school ancient astrological one, and invovle leylines, to channel the negative energy down to the earth to provoke disasters and hold in the net/grid over this planet and keep our minds shut down.

I have even been told that their ritualistic murders happen on lelines and that they put this recording of the death, its like a special hz or mind mapping recording and feed it into the media, news, movie, music.

Evil runs this planet, and alligns itself to the Black Sun, with everything coded to mean Saturn. In ancient Sumar, Saturn/Satan/Santa is the Black Sun. IS RA EL. Ancient dieties.
El is caaninite name for Saturn.
The real men in Black

pope in his Saturn Hat

Alot more can be researched online
Code To The Matrix free download, long and very well researched.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by jazz10

I'm not very knowlegeable yet on ley lines but I can point you to a few sights and hopefully that will help.

Below is a short clip of David Wilcock explaining ley lines.

Another video below goes into even more detail, however, this one is 2 hours and 27 minutes.

To my understanding Jazz, ley lines are lines that form a grid system within the earth and are magnetically charged. Essentually they are power lines and at the points where they intersect these are major power spots.

Some points are positive charged and some are negative charged.

Because Ley lines are electromagnetic and our brains are wired as such - we can pick up these charges.

Unity_99 is most correct, all major diasters and world events occurred on these points.

If you google ley lines there is a google book (most of one) called, "Ley Lines and Earth Energies". I couldn't get a link to this.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:34 AM
wow thanks for the info

Great thread thanks.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:43 AM
I find this thread very interesting. Very thought provoking.

Thanks for sharing OP, never heard about how the line goes all the way through the guide-stones and then very very close to the DH rig site. And all of those Jefferson buildings.

Seems like a hell of a coincidence.

I do not know what it means, or if we are just interpolating things out of context.

I personally am extremely skeptical of ley line theory. But I am convinced that many powerful individuals are obsessed with and deeply into the Occult.

I do not think the Occult has real magic. I think they are simply fools playing with "The Force" and they do not understand it at all. So I call them fools.

It's like someone cleaning a gun out, while it is still loaded. If that metaphor makes sense.

I find TPTB's obsession with the Occult fascinating. I think they are all delusional lunatics hallucinating half the time.

I still have not yet decided if they have made contact with ET or ED beings. Part of me says why yes of course they have, I mean who else would make human life so full of suffering purposely? I can envision a non-human doing this without much trouble.

Then another part of me says no, they haven't made contact with anything. They don't have any fancy ruler like Satan. They are just merely religious fanatics whom believe in fairy tales and hocus pocus. Their rituals are absurd and meaningless.

Their corporate and occult symbolism is also meaningless for the most part.

Symbols don't give things power. But, the people who make these symbolisms think it does!

I am just amazed we are most likely being ruled by totally ignorant childish amateurs here. I honestly do not see any skill from them. Only screw up after screw up, and set back after set back.

It's all pointless in the end. So I laugh about it.

If I truly live on a world where this crap is true, you can bet I will laugh. This world is utterly backwards in every way possible. Funny only in a Jackass movie kind of way...

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Love and Light to you also a blessing

Thank you for this and a great find you have discovered Jefferson knew the planetary grid of Mother Earth. So some of them are based of the infraction points of the grid. You are absolutely right there was no spill it was gushing which produced a certain uprising of thought for many. As a fellow grid worker I thank you for your find and I would like to give you all the best. Keep on trucking champ you have many things in your future.

Great work 5 thumbs up

Love and Light a big hug also a great thumbs up for the find.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 11:35 AM
P.S: If you would want I can explain what the grid is also how it acts in a way. I do not have full knowledge only recovered memories and experiences. But I think I know enough and thus if you want I could share some of the thoughts that I have.

Love and Light again.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Hi muzzelflash,

Thank you for such a insightful post.

Many people seem to link ley lines with "the occult" however it's my belief that what is looked upon today as "occult" will find it's way into the mainstream science catagory tomorrow.

There is nothing magical about ley lines. Our earth is like a circuit board and the ley lines are the circuits. Where these lines intersect are powerful points and where they form a junction are higher power points.

Here is what I got when I googled "Earths Magnetic Field".


Why does the Earth have a magnetic field? The electrical conductivity of the molten plasma of the Earth's core should be able to damp the current magnetic field in only thousands of years. Yet our five billion year old Earth clearly causes magnets to point to (defined) north. The mystery is still being studied but recently thought related to motions in the Earth's liquid outer core. Specifically, as portions of the outer core cool and fall inward, oceans of the liquid iron-rich magma rise outward, forced into a helical motion by the spin of the Earth. This motion, many geologists now believe, regenerates Earth's magnetism. Pictured above, a computer simulation shows the resulting magnetic field lines out to two Earth radii, with blue lines directed inward and yellow lines directed outward.

Source for picture above:

Now in the picture above it doesn't show the grid system, but it's close enough, to me, to confirm a grid system like ley lines, only it's missing the cross circuits.

I too agree with what you said about TPTB, "I think they are simply fools playing with "The Force" and they do not understand it at all. So I call them fools".

They are fools because what they believe they are playing around with is magic, where as, what they are playing around with are possibly multidimensional forces that will end up biting their backside.

Today's science was yesterday's magic and today's magic is tomorrow's science.

Those who dabble without knowledge in what has become known as the "occult" open themselves to manipulation by these entities, Reptilians
and otherwise. The inter-space plane is home to many misguided, malevolent entities, and this is the orgin of the legends and tales of demons and "evil" spirits. in fact, the word 'occult" has been given an unfairly bad name. It merely means "hidden" and the same knowledge can be used for good or ill. If you use the "occult" knowledge with love in your heart and positive intent, you maintain a high vibrational and connect with that level of consciousness. If you use it without understanding (like those who play with ouija boards) or with ill intent, you can connect yourself with the malevolent vibrational range that this represents." Page 316 "Tales from the Time Loop" - David Icke.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by ShadowNinja

Thank you ShadowNinja for such a enthusiastic post.

Yes please put everything you know about ley lines right out there.

The more we know and share the more powerfully enlightened we become.

Jazz wanted more information and I'm just getting into this so your input would be a big help.

[edit on 18-7-2010 by ofhumandescent]

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Symbols don't give things power. But, the people who make these symbolisms think it does!

I respectfully disagree. In and of themselves symbols do not have power, but symbols speak to you. Symbols mean something and are used to manipulate people on a subconscious level.

Once one becomes aware of this manipulation, you become more empowered.

Symbols are visual words and words are powerful.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by ofhumandescent

They are fools because what they believe they are playing around with is magic, where as, what they are playing around with are possibly multidimensional forces that will end up biting their backside.

Yes you said it much better than I could lol. That is what I feel is a very strong possibility. That is why I mentioned aliens and stuff.

They believe in hocus pocus but instead reality is more like "The Force".

I like your theory that ley lines are merely a electromagnetic property of the planet. Now you are speaking my language and I am loving it lol.

But I will stand my ground on the assumption that symbolism has no inherent powers. But I think we might actually agree for the most part, yet we were saying it from totally differing perspectives.

The power of symbolism is only the power a person's Mind gives it.
And my mind gives symbolism No Power at all.

I look at their corporate logos and think "wow these guys need to hire a new artist who is actually creative".

I am joking but trying to make the point we are dealing with very non-creative ruler ship here. They tend to rely heavily on the tactics and strategies that their fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers used to get where they are today.

But those strategies are quickly becoming obsolete and outdated. They are beginning to lose power. Cracks are forming in the facade of their house of cards.

I suppose we should consider ourselves very lucky, and count our blessings. I am SO GLAD our rulers are complete morons. If they were cunning and intelligent like their parents were, we would be in REALLY deep crap like 20 years ago.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Oh BTW those Jordan Maxwell videos are cool.

My wife and I watched those a month ago or so.

He is a very well researched person and I really follow his work quite often.

Maxwell is up there with Icke, Jones, etc.

And Maxwell has the better reputation of them all. I have nothing but respect for the man.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:24 PM
Great job putting this all together, and very interesting reading and videos. I'm of two minds about ley lines, and this will help clarify some of it for me. Thank you.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:43 PM
Ley lines ? rofl come on people, we have greater issues at hand rather than invisible lines of energy

EDIT: And all you people believe Icke too ? hahahahahaha this is just great.

[edit on 18-7-2010 by shadow3467]

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

RE: * New Zealand-much of this country has negative energy

What a bunch of BS! Says who? You obviously never been to NZ or any other country on that list.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:45 PM
Great post. S+F. But just for clarification, can we see an exact map and location of the bp oil spill for the sake of confirmation?

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Oh really mate. Do you have to ask the question!

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:06 AM
After much thought of thinking how to put this post together in a much simpler term of explanation of not too many details. I decided to make it simple and yet very understanding of what the grid really is. So it actually might come out as maybe 2 posts worth of information maybe or maybe not we will see if I can squeeze it into one post.

As you might have already read the grid is consisted of lei lines of this planet and it runs to various monuments also agricultural centers. The lei lines on this planet are referred to as a planetary grid which is of many grids that exist in this Universe. The other grids are known as Universal Grid(Which consist of all the planets and galaxies in this vast beautifully infinite constructed Universe). The Light Grid is all beings grid (This grid includes all the beings in the Universe combined into on giant web of energy connections working together). Now for the last grind which is known as the Planetary Grid(This is the Grid of planet and the nature connections intertwined with each other as a giant flow of energy channels).

Now how does this actually work together and what effects does it have on us?? Well to simply put it everything that we need is given by the planet the Mother Earth her self is a being made of cosmic energy. A construct of energy like a living being her energy flows through nature producing an infusion of energy flows connected to the smallest blade of grass. Thus the term comes as "Be one with the nature or connect to nature" but the far most recent term in a popular film is "Be one with the force for it is around us it penetrates us". For being energy beings as we are under all of this flesh and matter. We are effected by this energy as well for what we do reacts on the planet. Everything is interconnected like a giant web of strings through a process of energy flows.

As we have learned by our good maker of this thread there are major spots on the planetary grid which can react as a energy out burst well. The way this happens is due to the energy channels being stored on these major connection output posts. Like a giant radio tower of Earths energy acting as a source of life for some of us. However, when one of these spots are distorted or forced to burst it effects the grid info structure. For example we take a well constructed cube block tower take out one wrong peace and it weakness the rest of the block becoming ready to fall. Producing the same effect on the Planetary Grid of this planet, when you take out one spot the energy connections around it in a certain radius shutdown or permanently become degraded. At times instead of a radius shutdown in rare times if done right with the proper knowledge of the grid, once you take out one major grid point a chaotic chain reaction makes another grid spot collapse resulting in a double take down.

Such action was seen with the 9/11 and the twin towers were built with perfect knowledge of the large grid location. As we all know war in Iraq soon followed which contained another major grid output well. So through the sickening ritual that was done on the twin towers energy well location. It resulted in a rare occurrence of a double well shut off sequence. Thus producing the loss of life and throwing chaos over American soil. At the same time traveling through to the Iraq's major grid energy well. Which was later shut down after the whole invasion of Iraq ordeal with many blood sacrifices of innocent lives.

However, to the most recent news of the horrible world disaster that was thrown onto us for about almost a duration of 3 months. The BP oil disaster location was on an oceanic lei line energy well. This was also done with proper knowledge of Planetary Grid the gushing of oil resulted in a vastly huge mass of area to be destroyed. This produced another energy well shutdown producing the area around it to destabilize and collapse under the pressure that was created by this disaster. This is why such a large area around the oil gushing was effected and producing the horrifying outcome that we now must live with.

Now you must be wondering how does this effect the planet?? Well dear friends and fellow grid keepers I would like to tell you that. It has a far more chaotic plan of diabolical mass outputs of the control over this planet. Let me put it into another simple term of an amazing example, this will paint the picture of the aim that is being put behind these Grid energy shutdowns.
Let us take a knitted sweater for example as we all know every knitted sweater has a false stitch that when pulled it takes apart the whole sweater. So for now we will put this stitch theory to the Planetary Grid and how it reacts on it. Instead of a sweater we have a web of interconnected energy channels like fiber optic fibers. Connected together like a giant spider web however this spider web has a false stitch. Now you start to see the horrifying outcome of the aim for these disasters.

For the time being of shutting off the right energy wells in the proper sequence it starts to weaken the building block fibers of the Planetary Grid. Thus resulting in a domino theory that constructs of one domino causing the whole grid to collapse or making all other dominoes to fall down in a chain. The producing sequences of disasters is producing chain reactions in the lei lines damaging the Planets Radiation defense and the polar magnitude locations. Which many scientists stated as a polar shift or a pole tilt e.g: basically the grid goes wacky of deconstructed craziness of unimaginable results.

This part take of results produce the very chaos we start to see happening around in the now day world. Resulting in deaths of innocent people who do not even know or are aware of anything that is happening in this so called free world as many leaders state. So this is where we ask our self the important question "Are we really in control???". Boy and Girls we are NOT!!! we never were sense the enslavement of this beautifully infinite planet. The aim of the whole Illuminati, Millitia, TBPS or what ever we call them is to do as much damage to this world before they lose the battle.

I guess this will be a 2 part post.

Stay tuned

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:53 AM
the idea of lei lines is very cool.

But forgive my ignorance, I dont understand how exactly they are determined?

I dont want to hear either by people feeling them, I would like to know if lei lines can be measured or seen with any scientific instruments?

Any ideas?

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