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My dissapointing first impression of peace protester Brian Haw.

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 03:36 PM
Many of you will have heard about Brian Haw, he has sat outside Parliment for nine years protesting for peace, but more so regarding the war or terror.

Brian Haw Peace Protester

Today i was in London, just seeing the sites for the day, and i thought i'd pop along to Parliment Square to see the camp. I know there are a few ex-servicemen there too and i always like to say hi and see if they want anything.

Whilst i was there i saw Brian Haw, sat there in his chair as he often is. I've never met him before but admire what he has done so i thought i'd say hello and have a brief chat.

I approached him, said hi and offered my hand in friendship. He just looked at me.

So i took my hand away and asked him how things were. He put his finger to his lip as if to tell me to keep quiet. I thought fair enough, he probably wants a moment to himself. It almost seemed like he was meditating, so i told him to take care and walked along the camp.

I asked a lady who camps next to him if Brian was ok, i said he looks really pissed off, but she just said he was fine and that he is pissed off with a lot of things.

I then went around some of the tents and tables in Parliment Square that have been set up by different organisations. They did say that Brian Haw is not happy at the fact that they have joined the protest, so i took it that this was the reason for his moment of being less than sociable.

It was a scorching day today in London, i asked some protesters (the ones that looked organised, respectfull and not just there for a mini-festival complete with with foul language and acting idiots in front of the public and kids
) if they needed any food or drink, an offer they were very thankful for. I got them shopping bags of water an food, had a good discussion about the troops in Afghanistan, and left with warm respect between us.

Brian Haw meanwhile i noticed was chatting to someone who had stopped to ask him a question. They had finished so i thought i'd try again. He was sat down in his chair as before, so i once again offered a handshake but he kept his hands pressed together under his chin, not wanting to shake my hand.

I said it was good to see that they hadn't got rid of him still, and that i admired what he was doing. I said thank you.

He just looked at me and didn't say a word. He also looked at my backpack strap, which has two badges on it. One is a poppy, and one an ex-forces verterans badge.

He just shut his eyes for a second, looked at the badges, looked at me again, but refused to say a word.

I asked him if i could get him anything, cigs, teabags, water ect.....but nothing.

So i just put my thumb up to him, told him to take care again and went on my way.

Part of me thought he was probably just hot and bothered, he has people talking to him all the time and he's also fed up with the new lot that's turned up. However part of me though he was pretty rude.

I know he doesn't have to talk to anyone if he doesn't want to, but he is the one shouting about people listening to what he has to say. He is the one talking about bringing our boys home, so he can't of had a thing against soldiers.

For someone who is trying to be the face of a movement that wants as many supporters as possible, i found him not the best person to be fronting his cause.

I know many will disagree with that, but i spoke to many at the camp today that say the same, he is very rude at times and does not always act in the best way for the protest.

I still take my hat off to him, i just wish my first experience of the great Brian Haw had not been such a dissapointment.

Maybe it's me expecting too much, i don't know? I do know that manners don't cost anything though, and a lack of them can quickly turn you off a person.

Yes i know that sometimes the most influential people can have a lack of manners, but they'd be a lot more influential if they used some.


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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by CX

Hey you might have caught him on a bad day. Would you not be a bit peeved after protesting for 9 years and not getting anywhere? I wouldn’t take it to heart big man, but i would be annoyed by this as well.


posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by kevinunknown
reply to post by CX

Hey you might have caught him on a bad day.

Yeah i thought that too, he probably has a million people coming up to him asking the same questions, some of whom just want a photo with him.

In fact i also saw two lads ask him for a picture, he in no uncertain terms told them to go away and take pics of parliment if it was soveniers they wanted.

I think i was more annoyed because i wanted to listen, even as an ex soldier who has probably done stuff he doesn't agree with.

I have a very open mind and am willing to listen to anyones view, i just wish it had happened today.

Not to worry, i have done a lot of digging online since i've been home on him so i can get my answers from the net instead.



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