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NASA building Zeitgeist global government "Planetary Skin" "global nervous system"

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 02:24 PM
This video lays it all out. Global sensor network with all nations hooked into it, monitoring everything, to manage global resources, and set up an environmentally (resource) based economy, all being sold on hype Global Warming fearmongering. NASA is going for the High Treason Award with this thing.

Sorry Venus Project people, but I told you so:
Zeitgeist Movement = most hardcore NWO propaganda ever.

The Zeitgeist Movement is subconscious indoctrinating propaganda to hijack the freedom movement into celebrating the AGI Manhattan Project:
Welcome to the Unpossible Future... The AGI Manhattan Project

Population growth and rising incomes are increasing resource demand (water, energy, food, etc). Meanwhile, resource supply faces challenges from environmental degradation, land use change, the inherent variability of weather conditions and resource productivity, and the long-term threat of climate change.

Complex Water, Food, Energy and Integrated Land Use Systems

* Land-Use and Terrestrial Carbon Sink Management
* Food Security
* Fuel, Food, Fibre and Feed Land Competition
* Adaptive Water Management
* Securing biodiversity

Planetary Institute Meeting At The Climate Leader Summit in Copenhagen

The Climate Leaders Summit 2009 is a forum for the exchange of practical policy advice between government leader and CEOs of some of the world's leading low carbon technology companies and financial institutions.

Corporate leaders will announce investments in, and deployment of, new energy technologies. Policymakers will announce policies that will incentivize the rollout of key clean energy technology infrastructure.

Together, business leaders and subnational and local government leaders will demonstrate how they are working together to build the low-carbon economy of the future. These commitments will create critical momentum for the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place less than two miles away.

Sure enough, World Bank and UN luminaries are behind it:

Planetary Skin Global Advisory Council brief biographies:
Professor Lord Nicholas Stern (UNITED KINGDOM)

Lord Nicholas Stern is chairman of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and IG Patel Professor at The London School of Economics and Political Science

Chief Economist of the World Bank from 2000 to 2003. Led the review into the economics of climate change that resulted in the publication of the globally influential Stern Review.
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri (INDIA)

Chair, IPCC; Director General TERI, Executive Director, Yale Climate & Energy Institute

Work as chair of the IPCC led to joint award of the Nobel Prize for Peace. And was recently awarded the second highest civilian award in India, the Padma Vibhushan.
Professor Dr. Zhou Dadi (CHINA)

Former President, Energy Research Institute, National Development Reform Commission (NDRC);

China’s lead representative to the IPCC is the founding director of the Beijing Energy Efficiency Institute and has a leading reputation globally for his work in energy and environmental policy.

Dr. Carlos Nobre (BRAZIL)

Director, Centre for Earth Science Research, National Space Research Institute; International Chair of International Biosphere Geosphere Programme and Chair of the National Panel of Climate Change

Author of the internationally influential hypothesis on the savannization of the Amazon rainforest, he was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this work with the IPCC.
Professor Sir Brian Hoskins (UNITED KINGDOM)

Director, Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College London; Member of the UK Government’s Climate Change Committee

A world authority on climate issues and global weather patterns, he was a member of the IPCC team awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Chair of Scientific Committee of the UK Met Office Hadley Centre.
Professor Coleen Vogel (SOUTH AFRICA)

Chair of Sustainability, School of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Witwatersrand;

Past Chair of the International Scientific Committee of the International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP). Advises a number of South African government departments and Africa’s NEPAD on vulnerability decision-support.

Here you can see Zeitgeist Movement people rejoicing the Planetary Skin:

1: This is great, other companies are also creating technology to create a global world nervous system. NASA and CISCO have joined forces in a company called Planetary skin.

Please watch the two videos on the first link. The planetary organism called humanity is waking up and is finally realizing and entering its next creational evolutionary phase; the monitoring of the health and resources of the Earth body, Solar body and planetary bodies of this cosmic system.

2: wow that's great. once we can get rid of 'companies', we can hopefully link all these systems and all of this information together. because the more information we have, the better the decisions we can make.

3: These are great news!, with that system we are even more near to Jacques Fresco city desing, is amazing how fast our hope for a better tomorrow is becomming reallity. Thumbs up for this idea.

4: This is a GREAT step. Sounds like we won't have to start from scratch.

5:If you scroll down about 2/3'd of the way down there is a really interesting slide presentation of what they have planned, and the article is really great as well, if you ignore the fact that all they can think of is monetary applications, because they speak about computer systems being able to arrive at better decisions by using sensors. These ideas are going mainstream.
Zeitgeist Movement forums

They're "going mainstream" because they aren't Peter Joseph's idea's. These are Singularian ideas and PJ never gives them credit for what he's promoting.

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by IgnoranceIsntBlisss

IMHO, Zeitgiesters are a group of completely naive people that the NWO is preying up on. Somehow ZTers think there is going to be a one world government that looks out for their best interests to the point that their only responsibility on Earth will be to play video gamses all day and occasionaly volunteer to a cause. In their minds all our needs will be met by the Wizard of Oz raining down everything we need and desire like God rained Manna from heaven.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by ZuluChaka

Wow well said!

Write poetry, play lutes, paint pictures, play VR games... all taken care of... that's all you have to worry about... until The Machine decides we're all a huge waste of It's resources: Game Over.

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 03:35 PM
thanks for posting this, i have read a lot of your other post's amd believe you maybe onto something, i look forward to more of your observations

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 07:11 PM
At 1:58, the moderator states,: to carry out their carbon monitoring tasks."
What a bunch of Bravo Sierra!
This is more like something that could network its data base with the beast system that tracks RFID cards and chips. No matter where you go, THEY will find you.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 08:50 PM
This is it and a bit!

This global planetary technologically interconnected web of all information, all input, all output, all food, all resources, all life, all death....this is the Ultimate Vision.

From Rene Descartes to Francis Bacon to Teilhard de Chardin to Frank Tipler to Peter Russell to a great majority of new age 'seers'. This is what they all have envisioned. The Omega Point, the Global Brain, the Great Plan of the Ages.

The alluring jewel in the heart of every leader who's ever lusted for earthly power, small or great.

This is the light at the end of the lucifarian tunnel of manipulated history.

This is man trying to be god - 666.

Looks like a cuddly little lamb, but is actually just a dressed up dragon.

I don't know why more people can't see this as clearly as I...

It seems true that many will be given over to a "great delusion"...technological utopia anyone?

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