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Aspartame <-/-> Pregnant

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 06:59 PM
If someone could help me in terms of pimping this post and maybe translating links below and whatever it would be nice. And by all means please repost in health-news if you can..! As long as it get out...

Virgin poster in here.
Signed up and got my ticket just now to post this... Been around a loong time but never really had news to share. So here goes.

Today the ‘Danish State Serum Institute’ - SSI (a hundred year old government run lab with more than a thousand eggheads working there) announced that drinking ‘light’ products containing artificial sweeteners – especially aspartame - gives pregnant females an elevated risk of giving birth prematurely….( ! )
The statistics is always debatable and can surely be made to read whatever … But they just said that if you drink one liter of the sh*t daily you are 78% more likely to deliver to soon. And if you just drink a glass it is up by 38%
This is significant percentages were talking here and the study involved about 60 thousand pregnant women..

To me that sounds insane. And so true it’s like I’ve always known it was kinda evil.

Like the Indian dude in the movie said: It is a sad – and beautiful world………

This is for the SSI news section:

Where you find this on the bottom today:
and yes it is 'in foreign'.. Danish actually :-)

15. juli 2010 - Lightdrikke kan provokere tidlig fødsel
Lightprodukter som sodavand eller saftevand får markant forøget risiko for at føde for tidligt. En liter om dagen kan således øge chancen for for tidlig fødsel med 78 pct., mens et glas om dagen alene øger risikoen med 38 pct. Det konkluderer forskere fra Statens Serum Institut på baggrund af tal fra 60.000 danske gravide.
(DR-P4 Radioavis 11.00 kl. 1101)

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